Strong Surf











We got there the other day and when we saw the waves and this heavy stone thrown up on the beach it was more than he could stand.  It was too rough to wade into  so we went up the road two beach areas away where he found THE  Newest Piece of BLING 🙂 and tons of money, coins but money is money isn’t it.

13 thoughts on “Strong Surf

    1. 🙂 nice picture right and you know if she can’t get me with her stare then comes the heel nip then she bumps me her poor little nose 😦 She is a riot keeps us laughing with her just being a dog doing her thing 🙂

  1. Eunice – you are a blogging maniac! I was laughing yesterday when I showed my youngest all the notifications from living and lovin – so great to see you inspired, my dear… the date nut bread looks scrumptous, the cookie dough looks way too easy, coconut macaroons? yummy…feasting in France – sounds good except the part about the duck liver – geeeerrooooossss…. love the pics of the pups, who doesn’t love tea? I can’t stand pumpkin pie…wintergardens are a wonder… and I just have to try that mushroom strudel!!
    Ah, Eunice, thanks for sharing all these wonderful posts – thanks for focusing on the positive and uplifting, especially this year – thanks for everything you do.
    Merry Christmas my friend.
    (ps – we got 8 inches – looking at another storm late week. You got any?)

    1. OMG yes I was on a Roll! lol

      Not a drop here lol just the way I LIKE IT 🙂

      Stay warm my friend
      Did you say you were close to Burlington? I am searching for Gold laden streams near you 🙂

      I think he would sell the ones that have not been so hammered by the sea 🙂 I shall ask him

      Silver is like $35 give or take an OZ so I will let you know the sizes and prices soon 🙂


      1. yup – we’re near Burlington – gotta be some great streams around here somewhere! Let me know on one of those silver clattaugh rings….
        Love to you!

      2. What size are you looking for and Gold Or Silver with or with out stones

        OK I will check our GOLD MANUAL lol

        Love to you as well


      3. silver please- no stones – I’m interested in the small rings with the hands holding the heart (they’re Irish wedding/friendship bands called clattaugh – pronounced clatter rings). As to size – think small. Very small!

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