Have A Holly Jolly Christmas

7 thoughts on “Have A Holly Jolly Christmas

    1. LOL Yes I love them natural but I do not want strangers lurking in her yard with her unable to see them there they are big and blocking her walkway I would rather dig up and place them further apart and let them continue but her in her 70’s safety first I wanted to do them before they were loaded up for winter lol I trim my Ruggosa Beach Roses too and they grow a foot in 4 months the little red squirrels love the rose hips 🙂

  1. Hello Eunice

    I have a holly tree which I bought ready shaped and it’s more-or-less followed its original form since then. I’ve tried trimming it a bit but shaping a tall evergreen in 3 dimensions is a challenge!

    Thank you for being such a good companion over the last months and I wish you a wonderful Christmas and an exceptionally Happy New Year.

    1. Right back at you!

      Let’s pray this will be a better year to come

      Merry Christmas!


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