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    1. This would be me
      I re-posted to remind others not so fortunate

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  1. If man walks alone and cold
    and wonders of his crusade
    To have his best mate by his side
    Will bring him comfort, love and aid
    to help him get through his pain
    through his days & through his nights
    His best mate will support him
    He need not ask him twice


  2. Eunice, I love this photo. A photo can speak a thousand words. I saw this before and thought of this homeless man and his lab that I would see everywhere locally months ago. The dog was so loved by this homeless man. I haven’t seen them in a long time on the corners that I travel through and have been thinking of them since. It is such a sad thing and yet you see so much humanity within it.

    1. I saw it and had to re-blog
      I met a young man one day at the beach here locally walking the saddest looking skin and bones of a dog on a leash my heart broke first then I needed to do something
      Was he old and so loved by this young man he just could not bring himself to let his dog rest in piece 😦
      He could barely stand up and here he was walking him along the same beach JT and walk my fat little girl.
      So I said to JT Mommy will be right back something was compelling me to say or do SOMETHING anything the looks he was getting were not good.
      I got out of the car and asked him if he was OK and how old was his dog and if he wanted some water for him as I had plenty. He thanked me and said no. I reminded him his dog was having a hard time walking and even holding us his head and someone else spoke up and he said “what do you want me to do shoot him” I said no honey I want you to hold him and love him but let him know it is OK to go. Clearly he was trying not to say goodbye. I asked if he needed some money or a ride to the vet and that I would sit with him. He said God Bless You and you Do not know me and you would take me and do that. I told him it is the hardest thing to do “Say Goodbye to someone you Love. He was in tears me too but in that moment he knew I was right it was time. He said he needed no money and hugged me and said Thank You.
      My boyfriend thought I was nuts he said he could have gone nuts on me in this crazy world we live in I told him I would go willingly if it was my time I just had to say something. Seems my whole life I am being tested and by the Grace of God I am still here.
      I do have photos of him and his dog and today you reminded me of this soul and his dog. Thank You for caring as I do

      Peace and Love

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