Two Beaches In One Day


We arrived just after 8:00 AM

The surf was wild so we hung around to see if it would  start to head out enough to look for treasure



She found a stick on the beach

HOW DOES SHE DO THAT?  I left the Frisbee in the truck as she has been hurting after playing at the beach lately so much for best laid plans lol but she was so happy to see the ocean I could not say NO.


Check out this wave action




Is that a WAVE or a Wall heading towards us and where are the surfer dudes




I was hoping to catch the sun out over the ocean but it never showed up


We climbed back in truck and took a ride two beaches further north




Even without the sunshine we had an amazing day at the coast.

JT and I walked and walked slow and steady and my honey found a diamond ring with  a dark Blue stone all around the center stones very pretty and MY SIZE




There are so many rules and regulations now that they are trying to spruce up this place



Being the REBEL I am I broke a couple of these today


Come on though dead of winter not many souls out and NO DOGS OR DIGGING how can we treasure hunt with our cute little pup   well as long as these animals are allowed I will continue to break the rules




and then there is him




I clean up after JT

So if you see this




Yes her mommy has taken her out to play at her favorite place


I have hundreds of photos of today so look for more of the Sea from me





23 thoughts on “Two Beaches In One Day

    1. Thanks cloudy and wild waves but 30’s were great to walk in and the ring is so pretty we will clean and check out the local lost and found sections till then I will enjoy his find 🙂

    1. OMG you should see the photos from last few trips I can never decide which ones to go with 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to tell me you enjoyed it 🙂


  1. Lovely windswept beach… if only everyone would clear up after their dogs, maybe there would be fewer rules! I bet it won’t be long before the horses are banned too….

    1. Horses need a permit and are allowed only during winter and spring months for the most part , lots of dogs still go walking at this beach mine is on leash as we walk along the street on the sidewalk but once we turn to head down the stairs she sits and waits for me to cut her free she is just to SMART 🙂

      You are right beaches are a nasty place to be when owners refuse to clean up after their dogs or children 🙂 Dirty diapers you name it society as a whole here is the states is not what it used to be no respect for much of anything 😦

      Have a Very Merry Christmas

    1. Yes though here it was 30 degrees F and was hoping for warmth so we bundled up and added gloves and walked faster lol the dog even went for a dip 3 times and just didn’t see why she was’t allowed to FREEZE 😦

    1. Thanks so very much for letting me know you love her too xo
      I really do appreciate you


  2. Thanks for taking me along on this beach combing expedition. I wish I was JT! What a grand post this is – so real I feel like I’m really there. Don’t forget to photograph the ring and share! Wow!

    1. OH I should show you the TREASURE oops I always forget 🙂
      and thanks you are welcome to walk along any time 🙂 we go to VA a lot as well

    1. Our little girl is our first BC we are loving her to death lol she will be our last dog so I want all I can get from her she loves us more than we love her who knew that could be possible 🙂

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