We Will Be Searching The Shore Again













Well they say there will be another coastal storm brewing just off our shoreline,  so it is time to walk the edge, as the tide turns and heads out and look and see what it has left behind for us.  It will be sunny and in the 40’s what a perfect BEACH DAY   JT likes to walk me into the water so maybe I will even be barefoot.

31 thoughts on “We Will Be Searching The Shore Again

      1. Hi Eunice,
        It is cold and VERY wet in Seattle! We had an inch of snow in the wee hours, which is rare and wonderful, but temperatures rising to the 40s and LOTS more rain have melted it all away. Still, it was nice while it lasted. Your photos are gorgeous–the sun lights up the foam on the waves.

      2. Thanks the sun coming out after a huge storms reminds me it will always be better

        When I saw the train get pushed over with the mud slide I knew your beautiful area has had TOO MUCH RAIN 😦

        Take care Naomi
        Merry Christmas to you and your family

  1. Gorgeous pics, Eunice! Another storm, heh? Gonna bring snow, maybe? haven’t watched much tv – too crazy busy trying to get work done so I can take next week off. My love to you for the holidays – and let me know what treasures you find, Okay?
    hugs and more hugs…

    1. Sue the very best for you and your family over there next door. 🙂

      We will be in the 50’s with over 1 in of rain then in the 40’s for the weekend again not sure what will go on north if you want snow I hope you get TONS 🙂

      I want to go hiking for Christmas so I am patial to dry and 40’s 🙂 Maybe we will hit the coast of Maine for some sea glass hunting for my jewelry 🙂

      1. You are a traveling lady! We lost power for quite a few hours due to the hellish wind today. So glad when it came back on – I HATE losing power.
        Merry Christmas to you, Eunice – and thanks so much for the newest star – I’ll be sure to pass it along really soon. Promise.
        (and Congratulations!)

      2. Thanks
        Man that wind was NASTY to be sure my trees beside the house are loaded with wild turkey they feel safe here after being tiny chicks running around this place woods are a very scary place with winds gusting like they were I told Ron to open the door and let them in they were soaked 😦 but can you imagine the mess 45+ turkey can do 🙂

        We are so thankful to have a roof over our heads


      3. Ah, you’re a sucker for the little creatures? Too cute – I can just imagine you herding 45 turkeys around in your house!
        Wind sucks. I hate it. We get blows in this area too often – our neighbor was almost killed by a downed tree a couple of winter’s back. He was plowing our shared driveway when a white pine snapped in half and crushed the front of his truck. Very lucky man.
        Glad this storm’s over. Now onto the next!
        Stay warm and safe!

      4. Awes yes I am to a FAULT as they say 🙂 since being here on a blog I am getting better with humans lol well when they are to my choosing 🙂

        Man he was a LUCKY MAN damn 😦

        I love trees but when they die boy do they leave a mess for us old cripples to deal with 🙂


      5. Nice of the people who built my house to leave the white pines -so pretty- to line the driveway. That way, they can snap in two, take down power lines and nearly crush the neighbors… what were they thinking?

      6. I’m sure they thought of that – just like they thought of the danger to the house when they let massive maple trees grow right next to the house…
        darned tree huggers.

    1. usually tons of change and a lot of cell phones and today a Diamond and Saffire(SP) / Gold ring yeay!!!

      1. lol I always tell him she THREW IT! it was out by 4 bars lol

        We search old posts like Craigs list the police etc any where we can for lost and founds this was over a foot deep so it was lost long ago but I never give up hope did you see the post I did on him returning a young guys HS ring he was so happy I found him and kid was happy too 🙂

      2. I have an award for you I have been writing emails onto posts for hours so I will try to get to the rest of the winners tomorrow if I have not sent it to you yet

    1. we still have snow in spots in the yard but the sea was incredible today and sadly too cold for me as well to remove socks and sneakers 🙂

      The sea was roaring huge surf can wait to see what I captured in the camera 🙂

      Rain heavy over an inch tomorrow so we had to get out and he found a diamond.Saf. gold ring! 🙂 TREASURE and JT had a blast on a long walk with her Mommy then some FRISBEE along the shore 🙂 a perfect morning for the 3 of us 🙂

    1. Thanks wait till I download today’s shots AMAZING beach day today 🙂 He found a diamond/Saf. ring too 🙂

    1. 🙂 not if I walk fast and HEAT UP lol don’t want FROST BITE 🙂 on me or JT


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