Deck The Walls

Paying HOMAGE TO THE TREE with out cutting one down ๐Ÿ™‚ just pick up the broken limbs
Merry Christmas

Love Christmas trees but donโ€™t have the space or time to take care of a real one? Deck your walls instead! Below are some unique and neat ideas. Thereโ€™s still timeโ€ฆ

Images roundup from my Pinterest board, Holiday.

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208995238929278590_OY8uAMNi_c208995238929469730_PwL9JI1X_c208995238929469777_9RBeoWBl_c208995238929278594_7xzzn877_c208995238929469734_HX6HbJde_c208995238929469745_kZwsuB5J_c208995238929469749_T3nGvfX3_c208995238929278592_KIEmjOb0_cAs you can see, you can make it as generic or personal as youโ€™d like. The possibilities are endless and are only limited to your imagination. Soo fun and very festive!

I may consider doing this next yr. Would you?


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    1. Thanks I have a forest full so when I saw this I thought I could save some with a RE_BLOG lol I am cleaver but not this much

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