Wise Old Pine

You know I love this one

Imagine the stories it could tell

Who has found their way to sit on a table under its outstretched branches

How many others thought it was worthy of a few photos

I have been here at the lake many times both in a boat and walking in the woods

This day I was there to see how much water was to be let out so I could prepare for the

flooding that would take place at home when they did and as I walked the different areas of

the shoreline I caught  sight of this tree through the others

Holding on tight to anything it can grab

Trees amaze me

The power they hold it is what I am after

The ability to hold on

Stay strong

Stand Tall

Reaching out with  my roots


No matter the storms I brace myself for

I may adore the colors of Maples in the fall

The Willow in my yard

Pines such as this with so many stories

It continues to cling to the rocks, soil, earth

It is busted and broken but still here

Trees inspire me to keep on keeping on

48 thoughts on “WISE OLD PINE

    1. Thanks I had to share it I couldn’t just keep it tucked safely in a folder on the computer lol the words they just find their way back to the moment I saw the tree

      Thanks for coming by and enjoying the post.


  1. That certainly is a beautiful set of roots it has. I love pine forests. As a child we used to spend holidays on the East coast of England and walk through pine forests next to the beach.

    1. 🙂
      I grew up in forests as a Girl Scout and had that cool Science teacher MS HILL so with that and all the trees in my families back yard there was no way I could not love a tree.
      I am glad you have fond memories of the woods as well.

    1. When I saw it all battered and beaten from all the storms somehome I knew I could make it 🙂

      Thanks for coming by and stopping long enough to think about life

      Hope is we all send out good deep roots to have a long life as this tree has


  2. Eunice you are one with the tree and with the earth..

    roots that hold strong and fast..lives meant to last
    standing tall, though weathered with age
    not cut down by man or held by cage
    but holding our own is all we ask

    lovely post xx

    1. Thanks so much
      What beautiful words you have left for me
      Thanks for understanding how I feel


      1. Thanks so much
        You can tell I have been in a MOOD of late must be the holidays upon us and thoughts of my retreat in the new year just life in general has had so much meaning as I have been working on healing the parts of me I have control over 🙂


      2. That is my hope the worst behind me and the place the retreat is also in the forest I will miss all of you and my family camera too 🙂
        Walking in the forest and along the sea the senses are on overload not fake Trees like made to freshen cars is needed in my world 🙂

      3. Thanks it is not till end of March I hate Dirty Snow so I booked the 10 day silent retreat to return when my Spring Bulbs do 🙂

        Thanks it is what I am looking for just to let go and live each day regretting nothing 🙂

        I am almost there now so prognosis looks good lol


  3. What a cool tree – and your words so capture it’s mystery, power and strength, Eunice. Lovely – I’m so glad I had a moment to pop in before off to work.
    Did ya get some snow?
    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

    1. Hi

      Thanks it is a Cool Tree 🙂 and THANKS

      We did get snow then pouring rain tomorrow 50 they say so I will go treasure hunting but stop this time before the back is throbbing how is yours>


      1. back is okay – better than Monday! Still keeping up and around helps – bending over looking for treasure, I’m sure, does not! We still have snow – but the lower elevations do not. Hope we have a white Christmas!
        love to you-

    1. Yes I would not be where I am now had I not taken the roads I did that I am grateful for hard at times yes but oh so worth what I have now

  4. What an amazing tree! And don’t you feel that somehow just being near it you can absorb its strength and will? Your words so reflect that wish.

    1. They usually make me feel small lol with so much to learn and that day I got the LESSON loud and clear 🙂

    1. Yes as we need to be
      My boyfriend said yikes that is like one of the scary human like trees lol all I saw was a very old busted up pine needing to be put in the SPOTLIGHT 🙂


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