Dozer On The Beach


They are back at it.
Digging sand up out of an inlet and pushing it back up onto the main beach.
You would think we could find some really neat treasure here but we think they have a screen that it passes through so they can KEEP IT ALL!

Winters wrath will play out as always

What they place back up on top will surly get sucked back out to sea

I just wish they would remove their SCREENS


It is Tuesday here in NH and we had snow and not it is pouring out.

Rain in December,  a week from Christmas,  yes this is a much warmer world than it was when I was young.

No degree needed here to see plainly that things have certainly changed in my world.

Stay safe out there where you are and hug your loved ones a little tighter and tell them you love them.

15 thoughts on “Dozer On The Beach

    1. I bet it is!

      It is pouring out here and snow on ground turning to freezing slush 😦 I want to get to the BEACH lol

    1. We have over the years but the dredge is in the river they are hauling out through a pipe and we think it catches THAT STUFF lol

  1. I bet there are so many treasures. Is there an opening and will they take the screen down?
    It may be cold, but still looks gorgeous 🙂

    1. Stay Safe up there.
      Have a Holly Jolly Good Time
      It has been a very long time since I drove my big rig through Toronto lol
      next trip we take we will go up to Niagra and then over into Canada and go straight across to BC and then down into Washington though I am sure he will yank the wheel in BC to the right as he was to go to ALASKA 🙂
      Take care

      1. lol We prospect for GOLD and that is where it is at! lol so aren’t big bears and eagles 🙂 I would have to rent a BIG CAMERA lol

        HUGS right back enjoy the holidays

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