WHY? Will Always Be The Question





Today we will walk the shore before the snow moves in and covers this beautiful seaside landscape but with an ocean storm soon to brew,  we will be back next week with both metal detectors to see what has been thrown up upon the sand.

Our hearts are broken with all the senseless killing of adults and children here in New England as well as all over this world we live in. This family lived less than five miles from me until just over 10 years ago.  There had to be warning signals. I see them in children of friends and no one ever seems to say a word.  I am one who speaks up and then pulls away when the correct thing is not done,  though if something as horrible as a plot was known to me I would say something but would authorities interfere?

I own guns, I have been trained in the use of them and would never hesitate to protect someone from being killed, by someone who meant them harm.  I am not evil, my gun is not evil but sadly not all who are allowed to PLAY WITH GUNS, SHOULD.

So as you go about your daily lives judging or just keeping your mouths shut for fear of hurting someones feelings or even just minding your OWN BUSINESS,  know that by closing yours eyes to the obvious you are in fact perpetuating evil,  ever so small it may be at the time.  I see how children treat their parents I am sure you have too or how they treat animals and even strangers.  We all have seen this.  I decided a long time ago I would give up my life to protect someone from loosing theirs,  it is just who I am. I will not walk by as someone is mistreating another human or animal they are supposed to love and respect.  I will say something for the person or animal unable to SPEAK UP for themselves.

The poor families from this recent mass murder now face a lifetime without their babies and for those who just went to work at that school who lost their lives they leave families behind left to ask WHY?

Please say a prayer for them and your loved ones as you never know when true evil will walk in on them

20 thoughts on “WHY? Will Always Be The Question

    1. Sorry I was vent about all the insanity I see around me totally insane our society and values have gone off the DEEP END 😦

    1. So sad all of this KEEPS HAPPENING got to get back to two parents showering love on their children and not a tug of war and THINGS 😦
      Thanks for reading the tirade the beach was a good place to walk and reflect

  1. I’ve turned the tv off – the internet was dead for a few days – a good thing, really. As I get older, I have less stomach for the mass hysteria the media generates from our grief. I hate watching the reporters press for details.
    I am broken hearted once again.
    Giving my love to you, Eunice-

    1. Thanks Sue I am sick of reporters asking WHY and shoving mikes in children’s faces for answers such a sad world we all share

      Love to you Sue
      We have cops in this area protecting two homes now

  2. A poignant post Eunice.
    I also wrote something for the little ones. It is such a tragic and incomprehensible act of violence.
    Our thoughts are with the families and the little ones whose lives have been taken from them.
    May they R.I.P.

    1. Yes it is about them but sadly you today with all we know here in NH and CT the news will be filled with all the juicy stuff of him and his parents so sad indeed for the babies and those brave woman who stood up for them and against him. The skies above CT are filled with such beautiful angels.
      I pray this ends the insaity

      1. Sadly I do not think it will, these tragedies have been going on for some time and nothing has been done till now. It would be nice if someone would wake up and realise that this has to stop.
        As they say wake up and smell the roses – these children will never be able to. 😦

      2. 😦 I know

        I want to do a post and answer the WHY but somehow I already knew in my heart why it all took place.

        The breakdown of a family, sons not seeing Dad as Mom said he was awful, he paid her so much she really did not need any employment and she owned every gun and was preparing for a time when she would need to use them but sadly it was he the broken inside boy who snapped and killed his Mom and went to that school with the sole purpose to take it out on the adult woman there and those beautiful little ones who never were supposed to see such evil. I never want to hear his name spoken of though living so close to where his Mother and her brother a retired police lived for years I am sure I will have to keep the TV off or walk the beach to remove myself from it. Evil draws more viewers it is the world we live in and I for one HATE IT

      3. I hate being right in this case. I begged for a reason I wanted to put the mess solely at his feet but knew there was an anger issue in the way he let it play out so sad when divorced couples spew so much filth about their ex’s that it can clearly warp a young ones mind.

      4. I can’t help but say this though – if the guns weren’t there..if he did not have access..no matter what his state of mind or what had been told to him – or how his upbringing was…he couldn’t have done what he did…

      5. You are right!
        She was not stable to own these guns.
        She comes from a family with police officers.
        She may have gone off the deep end after her divorce I did not know her but know who her brother is the retired police officer.
        Her son was ANGRY and would have used whatever he could get his hands on to deal with that rage towards her but maybe yes it would have saved all those innocent people who were just going to school. It was where he had attended himself. So sad to see children raised in such a way it changes who they could have grown to be

  3. Until Americans decide to repeal the Second Amendment and remove 90% of guns from the community, this appalling madness will go on. What benefits has “the right to bear arms” given to the USA in the last 50 years? Surely nothing approaching the value of the lives lost at the hands of disgruntled or deranged people with guns. There have been 16 mass shootings in the US in 2012! Straight-thinking American citizens need to stand up and be counted, and let the President know that he does not have to be held hostage by the NRA!

    I am an Australian citizen. Americans, do you realise that the rest of the world stands utterly baffled by Americans’ attitude to gun control? Over and over I hear people say “What’s wrong with Americans? They just don’t seem to get it.”

    In the wake of the Newtown shootings, one Dr Pasacreta said that he believes the lesson of this killing is to give more help to those showing signs of mental illness. By all means provide more help for those with mental illness. But first and foremost, the lesson is “GET RID OF THE GUNS”.

    Wake up, Americans, before your great nation slides further into a mire of irrational violence.

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