Christmas With Grandma

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I remember my first Christmas adventure with Grandma.  I was just a kid.

I remember tearing across town on my bike to visit her on the day my big sister dropped the bomb:  “There is no  Santa Claus,” she jeered.  “Even dummies know that!”

My Grandma was not the gushy kind, never had been.  I fled to her that day because I knew she would be straight with me.  I knew Grandma always told the truth, and I knew that the truth always went down a whole lot easier when swallowed with one of her “world-famous” cinnamon buns.  I knew  they were world-famous, because Grandma said so.  It had to be true.

Grandma was home, and the buns were still warm.  Between bites, I told her everything.  She was ready for me. “No Santa Claus?” she  snorted….”Ridiculous!  Don’t believe it.  That rumor has been going around for years, and…

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4 thoughts on “Christmas With Grandma

  1. I never taught my kids to believe in Santa Claus–I do feel like that isn’t what Christmas means, but the loss of my son after what I felt were sincere “orders’ and promises from God had taken my religion to a low point. In all, I feel that it is best to tell kids, that “Santa, the Easter Bunny , Tooth fairy, etc are “fun games we play, but aren’t real is best. Lying to your child is not a good habit to start, even in innocence, even in fun. I have had people get angry with me if my kids said “There is no Santa Clause”. I have told my kids (now grown) that some people didn’t like their kids to know that it was just a game. Why threaten your child with “If you’re not good..” etc. Be honest. be real, let them believe that you will be honest. You can have fun without setting them up for a let down. And Christmas IS about the birth of Christin our culture,even though it began as a pagan celebration.

    1. I know it is amazing all the different ways we celebrate the birth of Christ.

      I was destroyed when I heard in school they were all lies

      What I really dislike about the season in general is all the Good Will To Men today is a prime example.

      So many parents are left to carry on when their babies are gone

      I also think it is a holiday now for shop keepers
      Kids have no respect for what they are given and less for their parents and the debt that occur for the sake of getting them EVERYTHING under the TREE

      I know the holidays, birthdays and just each day you force yourself to get out of be must be horrible.

      My cousin was burned so bad the day after Thanksgiving when I was 4 he was 4 1/2 and he lived long enough for us to bury his tiny little body days before Christmas his little sister had a tumer in her brain that let go and she was never whole again so sad for my aunt and uncle to live with loss of their baby boy then to deal with their young daughter medical. They have had a whole life filled with pain but I think it made me a compassionate person for I saw the true heartbreak.

      I never saw the celebrating of these holidays as games we played just carrying on with traditions passed down but I do not know what year it was that it became purely commercial.

      Be Well Brenda
      Sending you a Big Hug

  2. I think this is a wonderful story! I don’t feel Santa or the Easter Bunny amount to lying to your kids; I think they are lovely beliefs for children to have, and it is truly wonderful to see how happy and excited they get 🙂

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