Big dog right?

Loved as you can see.

This dog loves to play but on this day in the pouring rain, where I had entered JT into two rounds of Disc Dog play,  this Great Dane had spent the day either taking cover in the back of his owners posh van.  Then he popped out to check out the action on the field.


Not so much the small barking ones,  well I love ALL DOGS but not for ME.   I love happy dogs that are quiet.  JT does bark like a dog should danger appear in our yard,  in the form of an animal posing danger NOT THE TURKEYS  and BIRDS, but any human even if she knows then will receive a bark,  one barks says Hello I know you and the other Mom you better get here quick and yes I do know the difference.

I have owned two Great Danes.

My first was my ex-husbands , half-sister (first time I had ever heard that term) Great Dane puppy  who had bitten her.  Oh joy he was bringing back to our home a dog with an anger issue.  This was in 1979.  The pup, HUGE AS HE WAS came bounding out of his caddie  heading straight at me!  I had never seen a dog so big but said “Hi Sasquatch” (Big Foot).  His sister at least was cool about naming her dog,   a cool and very appropriate name.  He ran up and almost knocked me down!  A very happy go lucky, though rambunctious soul he was, boy you should have seen him skate across those hardwood floors, guess the ex never gave the home a thought when it came to this beautiful dog.

It only took a few days for us to get used to each others routine.  He ate like a horse!  He would come in to wake me each morning by gently grabbing my forearm,  gentle he was but I was still covered in Black and  Blue marks. The ex was on the road a lot back then and I was only living with him then and was not working so it was a perfect time to train this dog properly.  I have to say I never saw a mean gesture from this pup but  happy tail could leave a nasty bruise though.  I would attempt to walk him many times each day I say attempt as he mostly walked me!  What a sight we must have been to the passerby. A young blonde with this HUGE BLACK DOG leading her around.  How I loved Sass.

It was the following year on an early October day when I had to go do something and I wasn’t going to be long but there really wasn’t enough room in my Pinto for him to stay in for more than a few minutes.  Usually he took my small car to work and left the Caddie but today he had not.  So I dashed out leaving him on his run, we had 5 acres and I would only be gone a couple of hours.

I came home and Sass was gone.  I yelled his name I called and called for him and no dog returned.  I cried and cried I did not know what to think.  We had had a freak 2 inches of snow and I was praying a neighbor had welcomed him in or my ex had come home and taken him with him.  When he came in from work with no Sass I was destroyed what would he do out there all alone in the snow with no dinner.   I called every agency as well as every vet, I put up signs with his photo.  Seems there was a group of thugs that were stealing dogs from their yards and police told me that he was probably a victim of foul play.  You know I would take rides at night and call out for him.  All day my eyes searched the roads and fields for him.  As Halloween approached I prayed that who ever took him would open the door to pass out candy and he could make his escape.  I had so many sleepless nights and even dreamed one time that I found him wasted away,  skin and bones with white paint on him dripping in the rain, like they tried to cover up the big beautiful black dog I loved so much.  Yes loss of a pet affects me to my core.  People have nicknamed me Ellie May you know like the Clampets.  I just love animals so very much and just always want the very best for them.

My Uncle called to say there was a Great Dane he knew of that was being mistreated and would I be interested in giving him a home.  There started the life I lead with dogs needing love and a little food isn’t that what we all need?

His name was Brutus though he was so sweet and walked beside me so sweetly and he adored me as much as I did him.  He knew there would be no more beatings.  He got to live out his life with me till his hips caused so much pain I had to have him laid to rest.  Yes it was hard but seeing him yelp in pain I could not do anything about was even worse.  So I held him and told him I loved him so much and said goodbye.

We were now without any pets and I married him abusive as he was I begged him to sell his home so we could buy a rig and hit the road I was praying the drinking and abusive behavior he dealt out to me would stop if we were busy driving 20 hours a day but that is a story for another day.  It is so hard to share my life with you  as so many tears fall as I try to clear my heart of pain by letting go of all of it.  It is why I dwell on the pretty stuff.

Thanks for checking out the Big Beautiful Dane above  and hearing the story about the two special ones, who shared their lives with me, even though it was too short of a time.  I know they loved me too.

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  1. I love big dogs, too. I’m so sorry to hear about the one you lost. It’s the not knowing that’s especially hard. I enjoyed your stories.

  2. So sad, but it is nice Brutus came to live with you. I cannot get another dog after losing my Akita. Big dogs never last long enough. I had him until he was 13, and that is long for his breed. I too don’t prefer small dogs. They do not ‘read’ as dogs to me.

    1. 🙂

      JT will have to be my last so I hope she will live forever
      Thanks for taking the time to read it


  3. What a sad story! I hate how people mistreat animals, and to have your dog stolen, never to return breaks my heart.

    We just had a two Great Dane Puppies come into the shelter. They had been beaten and starved. One passed away the stress and the trauma just too much. The other one now has a home.


    ¸.•*¨*•♪♫♫♪Merry Christmas to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

    1. OMG see the insanity continues out there breathing is too good for those who hurt children and animals 😦

  4. How sad that your first Great Dane disappeared. They are such loving dogs – our wolfhound’s childhood love was a Great Dane – imagine the puppies they could have had! Our dear wolfhound is now over 7 and we haven’t been able to go for walks for a year now – we wander around the garden a few times a day, and let our second little dog run around! One day I’ll post about them…
    I hope you can let go of your past suffering soon Eunice. You are such a positive soul. Good luck!

  5. ah, I was hoping it would end with you finding your big guy. So sorry it didn’t. It’s hard, even now, I imagine to let go – we lost our cat the same way. Sammy simply disappeared one day, never to be seen again.
    And the second dog – how wonderful that you could find love and give him a home! See – it’s says so much for your flexibility – your well-being that you could let another one in. We never got another cat. In part, because no one could replace little Sammy.
    Oh, and another thing – I love this green background – It’s my favorite color and favorite shade. How did you know? You’d pick this out just for me, Eunice?
    Well, hope you are well and happy and comfy-cozy.

    1. Thanks Sue for taking the time and to comment it was tough to write as I sat here this morning and you are right Brutes needed love and that seems to be something I am never lacking in giving but that is yet another story 🙂

      I know what you mean though when Blues went missing it was horrible too 😦 So much heartache we go through

      Now the Green is one of my favorite colors TOO!!!!! My first and second Fords were both this color 🙂

      I actually changed it to GREEN for the holidays that lie ahead 🙂 but I am happy it is loved by you as well it must be the PINES that frame our world 🙂
      Peace and Love

  6. How handsome and loving your Great Danes! And I was so sad for you to have lost the first one. The ending to this post was the saddest of all and I hope you are healing. Both you and Brutus share a common hurt and a very strong bond. You can help each other to recovery.

    1. It was long ago but yes we were meant to be together for the time we had
      The dog in photo was not one of mine just a beautiful dog at a meet JT was competing in

      Thanks so much for taking the time to read so many more stories as bits and pieces need to be let go of,

      I will be writing 2 books and they will have photos of the dogs in my life as they were such a big part of who I was

      HUGS to you


    1. very heartbreaking to be helpless and he was a puppy still big but a baby my baby 😦
      I pray who ever took him took great care of him and loved him.

  7. I enjoyed your story. Very sorry.
    My aunt had a great dane. He sure ate alot too 🙂
    Oh, and when he ran toward you.., look out!!

    1. Yes our food bill for him was as large as he was 🙂

      Thank You
      Glad you knew one they are special

  8. How hard it must have been for you …when your dog was likely stolen. I would have been doing the same things that you did…cry and search …and then you opened your heart again and were blessed with another….It is a joy to have these loving creatures but so hard when we have to say good bye …Diane

    1. Thanks so much Diane for understanding the loss and torment of just not knowing it explains why I have been like I have with every pet since Sass

  9. Of course they loved you and I am sorry for your loss, as you know I mind dogs and we were minding a Great Dane Brindle “Snuffy” who decided one day that couldn’t see out the window to the street – when we weren’t home, so hmmm wooden cedar venetian blinds a gigantic hole chewed around 3 of them, then onto the other window to destroy…think he got the taste for the Cedar…. wasn’t happy Jan 🙂 Bless you for loving the animals (especially the dogs) xx

    1. Thanks you made me smile with your Dane story
      My Sass was destructive when left even for just 5 min. I took down our blinds in basement as well and one time him and I had just came in from a two mile walk and I put him in and then the mail man came said “Be right back Sass” and walked to bottom of drive he could see me out the living room window instead he decided to get into the shampoo and cream rinse I had just pick up with him on our walk 🙂 some dogs can be so FRESH 🙂
      Thanks so much for stopping by these have always been the things that seem to weigh heavy on me I need to Love and Let go better I think HUGS

  10. I am so sorry to hear how you lost your Sass, how horrible that people can be so cruel to steal someones fur baby. That is just awful. I am glad you were able to love other dogs since, they have been lucky to have you !!!
    When you tell painful things, you do let some of the pain go and you are always going to help someone else that is going through something bad too.
    Thanks for sharing your stories with us, I am really enjoying learning about your life and I enjoy reading every chapter you write !!

    1. Thanks so much
      I never thought it would come out so easily as it did
      They the SICK ONES are out there guess that is what really hurts the most the fact that those who can hurt babies, pets elderly really anyone are walking among us 😦


    2. I am afraid these parts of what makes me who I am are what makes everyone want to see the photos and hear the stories Like I said I started out putting someone else’s dogs photo up to tell a story and then lol it went there guess that is why I took this beautiful dogs photo
      Thanks again for reading
      and your kindness

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