Western Avenue Studio Visit





Enter through this door and travel by elevator to the different levels full of Art!




Common area



Metal Man creates these sculptures from trash he collects



Hallways are lined with art as well as many rooms full of all kinds of Art


Someone else loves dogs


Hanging from piping


Wonderful artist was more than happy to let me take a few photos



Metal Man had walls and walls of interesting re-purposed items Loved this section!


Zentangle  taught here too!  I love doing this too as well as my friend Val who takes her lessons from this studio.














Zentangle kits and supplies sold here



This artist had a wonderful shop full of  so many beautiful pieces to choose from




Old Mill Building had a display of colorful spools of thread that caught my eye


Most of the artists also offered some snacks








This shop was same one that offered Zentangle


Metal Man piece





Yes Art of every kind can be found here.  In many rooms I did not ask if I could take photos,  the ones I did were happy to hear I would do a blog on the Western Avenue Studios in Lowell MA,  to get the word out.

The month of December they are open each weekend before Christmas.  Usually it is OPEN STUDIOS the first weekend of the month.

If you will be in Massachusetts and looking for something fun to do,  stop in this old mill building and get up close to those who are creating art right there in their spaces.  They want you to watch and also ask questions as well.

A friend  and I went as light snow fell and while the outside of this building gives no hints about what is inside, you now know the secret that is held just behind all those bricks.

You can get some great pieces for gifts, that are one of a kind.  Maybe you do Interior Design please keep this place in mind for some great deals.

Step into the elevator just inside the door go all the way to the 5th floor and work your way down.

This is truly the bare bones of what you will find inside.


19 thoughts on “Western Avenue Studio Visit

  1. Thanks for taking us along with you on this tour of the art world. Great photos – so clear – and such beautiful things to be seen! 🙂

    1. I only scratched the surface here
      5 Floors FULL of Art and Artists
      Halls are full here and there are nooks and art crannies filled as well 🙂

      If you ever come to New England yell and we can stroll 🙂

  2. Thank you kindly for dropping by wePoets, it’s much appreciated. We’d be happy to showcase any of your art forms including your jewlery should you want to share. If so, our theme and submission pages explain everything. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much I have been working on some Polymer pieces if I like how they come out I will do that thanks again.

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