The Very Inspiring Blogger Award, too you all really are too kind

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I was given the award by II 4S Aopmrdd @

Thanks so much for following and liking so many of my posts. Bless You



Thank you very much to for nominating me

The rules are to thank and link back to the blogger that has nominated you, then post the award logo to your blog ,write a post on the nomination and nominate 15 other very inspiring bloggers. notify them and then tell 7 things about yourself.

1. Blue Eyes

2. Blonde

3. Lost 65 pounds so far well a lot more as I lost, gained lost 🙂

4. Weight Watchers has taught me to embrace FRUIT again 🙂



7. I  love  making things with my hands even if they hurt afterwards 😦

The following are my nominees ;) for regularly visits. Hope you can also get some inspires after stopping by their words or portraits.




Thanks again for my award and to all on this list you inspire me to try new things daily.




36 thoughts on “The Very Inspiring Blogger Award, too you all really are too kind

  1. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR AWARD! Thank you so much for nominating me as well. I am honored that you thought of me.


  2. Congratulations on your award, Eunice. Thank you for nominating me.

    When time permits, I will place the badge on my blog and link back to your site. Many thanks!

  3. Congratulations Ms. Eunice!!

    Thank you for the honor of the award. I really appreciate your kindness!


    1. You are very welcome
      Take your time never a hurry and if you need help just let me know


  4. Hey Eunice – look at you!!! Congrats, my friend, for this and the other award. Best part for me? Checking out the bloggers you nominated. Wonderful and so deserved.
    hugs to you.

    1. Thanks for doing just that I have a very interesting mix I would say but so hard to share the love with over 600 😦 I do try it takes hours to do I want you all to know how much you are appreciated.


      1. 🙂 Just trying to spread it around I really have TOO MANY FOLLOWERS to do these awards justice 😦

        I do try though

  5. THanks so much, I have not had a chance to email you, but I want to not only collect the awards you sent, but send them to you too !! I have been a frustrated blogger because I have a lot of problems figuring this stuff all out !! This last week I cannot get any pictures to upload so I have not posted, hard to post on a beading site when you cannot post pictures of your projects !!! It sometimes really makes me feel stupuid, lol !!!

    1. No not stupid they did change the format at least on the way I up load I had to figure it out as well and I really do not like it 😦 but it is a free site as is Facebook so I roll with the punches you on facebook?

  6. Thank you thank you for your kind words on my page Eunice. As I wrote there, I like to make comments on the posts that I follow – I also when I can like to show my support and encouragement. We blog for ourselves but also so that others may see what we do, if we get comments or a push of the like button it makes us feel appreciated and that someone in this huge ‘Blogisphere’ cares enough. So thank you for the nomination. Keep up the good work! 🙂 xx

    1. Thanks!
      Cathy have a Great one too. I am off to try and sell a few pieces of jewelry I made 🙂

  7. Great honour, feel very spoiled, blushing a little – trying to compose the right speech. Love the red carpet and thank you for rolling it out in my honour. It may take me a while to get organised on this, so I hope you don’t mind!
    Thank you again. 😀

    1. Never a rush
      you are very welcome Pat
      Just hope others come check your spot out on WP 🙂


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