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    1. Thanks no actually I was driving shh don’t tell anyone 🙂 The yellow house had the pole out front I just wanted the corner of that old building If you Google Strawberry Bank in Portsmouth NH you can read about this quaint section of the city. They have concerts there along the water as well as the most glorious gardens but it is full of HISTORY

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting

    1. Not sure if this happens all over the world but here in New England we have historic areas that the owners must obey regulations when it comes to painting their homes it must be a color of back in that period of time so yes it will always be just as it was it is what I love about our are here. Not the whole town or city but those in is the Special areas set apart by each town and carried on year after year for hundreds of years 🙂

      Portsmouth a is very pretty city by the water

    1. I do as well
      I love the tiny little streets here
      Then they all feed into the large square
      Thanks for stopping by mine too

  1. We have fond memories of Portsmouth, NH. 1970s & 80s lived in Southern ME and went to “Theatre by the Sea.” Very intimate. A production of “Scrooge & Marley” was our all-time favorite play. I love our New England towns and traditions old and new… Happy Holidays! Bette

    1. That is what I was trying to say just a perfectly rich city full of history :

      Now you big day is what Skowheagan, Bangor or do you go into Portland Portland I love as well for the arts and the Sea 🙂

      Happy Hanuka, Merry Christmas and Happy Kwansa(sp) we made it till December will all they threw at us 🙂

  2. Portsmouth is such a lovely town…I try to take anyone who visits us there for a day of strolling, shopping and eating. They always love it.

    1. I remember you did a Beautiful post on the city too 🙂

      I love Boston and miss it a lot but then I visit Exeter, Dover and Portsmouth and Portland and I miss it LESS lol
      I love Portsmouth and the gardens are not to miss of the plays and concerts there so much to do.
      Heading to Arundel in AM to sell some jewelry if roads are not all ice 🙂

  3. New England Americana, wonderfully nostalgic. Could take out the autos & replace with buggies & horses. Voila! movie set. Thanks for the pix…

    1. 🙂 Yes do very pretty even have had horse drawn carriage rides there years ago 🙂

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