My Black and White Beauty


Winds were blowing around 25 mph maybe stronger gusts.  We had been in the thick woods here.  She and I  were walking to lose weight and spend a beautiful December day at the lake.   I am trying to throw a Frisbee while I take a photo as well.


I am not sure if she caught scent of a wild animal or if she was giving her Father “Dirty Looks” lol


We walked on and off slowly as I took photos here and there then a round of Frisbee along the shore of the lake while he metal detected in the water yes he was in a suit so as to not freeze.


I asked her if she had FUN today and this was her answer a pretty face then a kiss

I know you probably heard this before but I swear

I do adore her.

Peace and Love


33 thoughts on “My Black and White Beauty

  1. Ohhh… I can tell you luv your pup and what a cutie!! dogs are so amazing, they give so much and ask so little in return! I can’t imagine our family without my two older “girls”.
    I want to let you know, Eunice, I haven’t been on wordpress much lately – something’s amiss with my computer and the internet and wordpress. It’s like the Bermuda triangle or something. I can’t stand it. So, just know I can read your posts from my phone, but I don’t like to comment – I am way to slow with that dang thing typing!!! I’m giving you extra hugs to catch up on all the posts I’ve missed…
    hug. hug. hug. hug…

    1. HUGS right back at you honey sorry your computer is taking fits 😦 Never worry when it comes to ME you have Facebook and my email right 🙂
      Peace and Love

      1. Well, I got up real late, when the internet would download quick and free – and set up Mozilla as my browser… you wouldn’t believe the stuff i had to do – but… it’s working! Just kinda strange how the type isn’t as clear. I won’t press it though – at least wp let me log in! As to the facebook and email – thank goodness for that!
        Hope you have a wonderful day, my friend.

      2. You too Sue today I will make some Polymer objects while frost is still covering the ground here 🙂

    1. I will be destroyed when JT can not be with me another day I hate to think of a day with out her but sadly unless I go first I know like all of my dogs before her I was be crushed. I know we have given her the best life she could live and that will help sorry you also know loss I should have named her NEVER as I said never again after I buried my dog before her. I think I am meant to love them as I do they all live till they are 13 to 15 years old so I am blessed. The last dogs I had were a complete family of four Mom, Dad brother and sister too much loss for me

      Pets are the BEST!


      1. I am in the ‘never mode’ now since 2008. I went through it on previous occasions but still got another dog, but this time was different. She got brain cancer at nine and there was nothing they could do.

      2. I know you feel helpless and almost will them to keep going it is sad JT was so sick a year ago with an allergic flea reaction she was five and I was going to put her down she was so sick and the drug she was put on packed on so much weight we both have been trying walk it off slow and steady 🙂

  2. We know their future and that’s the worst part, because our lives are diminished with their loss.
    Your love for JT is so huge I can feel it all the way through cyberspace.

    1. Thanks there are so many reasons to adore her that is for sure she is just the sweetest most loving Border Collie maybe she is just so grateful to have us to love her

      I am writing a book a little at a time about all those critters who lived their lives till the end with me. So hard still to look at all the photos and smile so I may just write it for me so I can

  3. She is so precious !! How lucky you are to have her !! She is lucky to have you to love her too !! Just enjoy every day with her and do not worry about the days to come. You have her now and all we really have every day is the moment we are in !! Just enjoy her every day. That is one thing we can learn from dogs, they never think about the future or the past, just right now. A lesson we all could learn from !! We should all be as happy as a loved dog !!

    1. I know right that is me in a NUTSHELL lol worrying about what I have no control over I am going away in March to FIX THAT 🙂

      Thanks for your words

      We are so blessed


    1. Yes she does she but she really has had more than enough FACE TIME with my easy share 🙂 She wants all the attention not me stopping all the time and telling her to WAIT lol

      Sad thing happened down the street from us yesterday a woman like me walking her dog for year is on a hiking trail when it left her side to go to the edge of the trail(no leash) dog smelt rotten meat in a trap a hunter had placed in wrong spot. The dogs head was caught and she did not have the TOOL to release it. She carried her dog out of the woods one mile in search for help so gut wrenching when I had trapper come in for beaver he sunk the traps in water so I kept the cat and dog away but what if JT and I had the same thing befall us out in the woods man what an eye opener 😦 She is even more blessed today and with leaves down I better pay more attention 😦

      1. You know I will
        We can use them under water for beaver not sure what else

        I wouldn’t know had I not had to call in a trapper.

    1. Awe thanks I took some yesterday at the beach I will be adding we hare both hurting from our play yesterday my poor baby 😦

      She is just the best I swear I know I say that about all of my past pups but since she will be my last she is feeling the LOVE those eyes are what move very large animals in her breed she can be sweet with me or intense some children adore her others are scared of the Border Collie Stare lol

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