Dam Open Water Gone



Well they had another draw down at the lake and you can see more of the islands show up, as well as the shoreline.

Come to find out it is the association here that wants to release so much water,  so that they can  leave their docks in the water all winter.




My yard is one of many taking it all so they can keep doing what they want.  This will now become a push and shove deal and I will fight for my land,  as this is MY HOME not a SUMMER COTTAGE.




Absolutely insane to be drawn down so much,  that water is eight feet below where it runs normally.


I thought all of this was being done with a few boards, was I ever surprised to see what is behind my house,  hidden in the woods and should it fail,  as dams did in Katrina, we will be dead in minuets.  I will show you what has been destroying my beautiful landscape,  year after year,  in a few days, if I can get any sleep now.

19 thoughts on “Dam Open Water Gone

    1. Well the State of NH is my side it is just the rich law makers, attorneys and the like wanting this to continue.
      Thanks for say a prayer
      Bless You

  1. This is a terrible story. I hope you can fend them off and win this battle to keep the beauty and serenity of your home and the natural scenery unspoiled by greedy summer visitors.

    1. 🙂 Sadly they have lots of rich among them I would settle for a little out in Sept and a little more in Oct then Nov STOP!

    1. Will do I think I need to head to the ocean for a few walks do some metal detecting too. I might even got see a couple of movies got to stay out of the woods for awhile 🙂

  2. Eunice, that is just awful what they are doing !! I would be so upset. That is very scary and the worst part of it is you not knowing the risk you were in all this time !! It is a really lovely property you have, just amazing !! I hope you get help to fix this issue. It is not right !!

    1. Thanks

      Well there are initially just 3 property owners here feeling immediate impact but if there is so much a downed tree or beaver dam it backs up in a huge river and has in the past wiped out our way out roads and bridges ruined all from this force of water. They never knew as none of us 3 knew who to call and demand answers I just happened to search my stream and there it was so I googled homeowners in need of embankment repair and found state agency’s and a federal one in charge should I need to go HIGHER 🙂

      I love the INTERNET!

      I would not be so worried but earthquakes may not destroy a home here at 4.0 or higher or lower but could crack a concrete wall 😦


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