No Matter The Weather


I throw shoes on to feed the birds first thing in the morning if it is really cold barefoot the rest of the time.

So bird feeders full but JT has other things on her mind a little kick ball yes in snow while wearing Flip Flops that were a  gift  from Maryland,  lol100_2748

She is Black and White  and the Snow is White so  WHY NOT


Another shot of JT playing on the icy mix in backyard with me kicking it and her pushing it back !

I love watching her play no matter how cold or warm it may be.

22 thoughts on “No Matter The Weather

    1. I am fearless and always loved bare feet lol well except all the hours in a rig wearing work boots which is why I kick off shoes and feel the earth

      She was having a BLAST that ball took off on the ice!

    1. lol good ONE!
      I was in the doctors waiting room last summer and a woman said to my Where did you get the British Flip Flops lol I said “Look Again” her smile turned to a frown and she said “OH” lol Well being a coast to coast trucker and always a Reb they are better for me than floral varieties 🙂
      Love your response he hit the Maryland store where they proudly boast THE SOUTH STARTS HERE and came out with these for me he knows me well 🙂

  1. Thongs (sorry that’s the Aussie terms for flip flops) which yes has a different meaning completely (but we call them G’ees) in Winter my heavens woman are you crazy???? 🙂 I so love JT she is adorable!!!

    1. Thanks yes we used to call them THONGS until the Less Than underwear took the name 🙂

      Barefoot today it is in the 40’s F and with some rain 🙂 I used to drive my Mom nuts as as child 🙂 you know I do not have a fetish with SHOES 🙂

      I am glad the fun she was having came across hard when you are kicking ball and taking the photo 🙂

  2. I wish the “Like” button was a “loved” button – wish I had more blasted time to peruse your wonderful posts with a cup of tea… alas, It’s off to work for this old gal..

    but I will say, I’m still chuckling about those danged flip flops!
    hugs – and put some boots on young lady!

    1. Thanks honey I just walked barefoot to compost bin 1/2 way between home and barn is raining lightly and warm well for Dec. I should go for a Pedicure maybe then I would keep Something on my Feet! 🙂

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