Time To Put The Mower Away Snow Coming

Muscle Man
Muscle Man

A re-visit to my man made from  muscles

Time to put the mower away

Snow is coming to our area

Have a Great Weekend!


20 thoughts on “Time To Put The Mower Away Snow Coming

      1. I know it is and usually the cliff dwellers or ones right against the sea see the most lost but I was thinking of you as it came ashore and headed towards the Mountains where my son lives on ID and WY border they want snow but no way did you need rains like you got. We will have snow in the air here today then 50’s for a few days I will try to sell some jewelry along a busy road in Maine and then paint the East Side of my come with the sprayer as I did scraping and want to protect what wood is left 🙂

  1. that is an AMAZING pic of an AMAZING sculpture! So… we got snow. Did you? It’s snowing again right now – hope we don’t have one of those winters, like the kind two years back. Every day brought a little more until we were buried.
    Hugs to you – stay warm!

    1. Isn’t he wonderful what a True Muscle Man! lol we got a dusting but they swear a little more is coming I am headed to Lowell to check out some ART! Hope the roads stay OK you stay safe and warm too!

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