Frosted Holly
Frosted Holly



Cardinal on a frosty NH  morning
Cardinal on a frosty NH morning





NH Blue Jay
NH Blue Jay



20 thoughts on “FROSTY

  1. Cold here, too. Still loved the photos. The frosty leaves? My favorite! Birds and I just don’t get along…. the jays swing by just to torment me with their horrid song.
    There. Now you know I’m not a sentimentalist.
    Pesky critters.

      1. I’m partial to the thrush that visit our woods from May to August. Can’t get enough of their haunting song – even recorded it briefly before they left. As to feeding the birds? We’ve got too many bear in our woods – they’ve marked their territory around the clearing and so far, have kept away from the house. I think my dogs help, too. Watched a mother and her three full size cubs saunter through one day. Beautiful and SCARY! So, my friend, I will leave the bird-loven to you.

      2. We had 1 bear DARE to TRy to knock down our pole till I opened the door and screamed “GET OUT OF HERE!” to which he left the pole and looked at me 🙂 I thought OK time for some close-up photos but he changed his mind and went down towards the river so yes sunflower seeds I go through by the 50 lb bags monthly will attract on occasion a bear or two but THEY KNOW BETTER 🙂

      3. Don’t know bout your bear, but these around here? They’d take your scream as a challenge. Only the dogs keep em away. Then again, when I yell, it sounds more like a squeek – me being a ten-pound weakling and such…

      4. 🙂 I think I shall buy a horn for boating and save my voice 🙂
        I do not want my dog to learn how to herd the wildlife around 🙂

      5. The only thing Maggie herds is the kids when they slide (she nips at their heals). She is, however, a wicked mouser. That dog will hunt until she drops. If there’s a mouse, it’s as good as dead.

        who needs a cat anyways?

      6. 🙂 I had to block my cats ears 🙂

        JT still is a herder I never broke her of it though it seems I maybe the only one she tries TO MOVE ALONG lol

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