Burned The Evidence

8 AM looking out at the river
8 AM looking out at the river


As the sun rose and spread west

The light shone on all the work we have done

Yesterday I got some much needed rest

I still can not believe the damage one Beaver has done

I raked while he cut

He stacked while I trimmed trees

You could tell we didn’t spend much time sitting on our butt

So as I stood here with camera in hand the only word that came to mind was  gee

We really took the bull by the horns on this one

The water is down almost to where it should be

The Beaver have NOT WON

Guess who has been sleeping ME



21 thoughts on “Burned The Evidence

  1. Amazing photos of what those little critters can do! Loved the polymer bead photos and the one with the cow with the hay on his head. You definitely take some great photos!

  2. I used to see cardinals when I lived in Ontario so it always a pleasure to see them and blue jays we have, but I enjoy the colourful apparel of both of these two birds.

    1. Just sunrise 15 miles in from the coastline I love how it pours in our kitchen window.

      Thanks for stopping by


    1. Thanks we can’t save the tree but we are have to do a little at a time with our injuries

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