TRUCKING the last years

My Last Rig

It has been a very long time since I looked at this photo.  I used to miss this truck so much, then it was the girl  I was, who had gone missing.

Let me tell you some background since a few have asked about the days I spent behind the wheel of an 18 Wheeler(this one has 22 ) .

So much happened before I became a trucker, guess you would surmise that,  as young girls really did not drive tractor-trailer trucks  in the mid to late 70’s,  well not in New England especially.

So do I begin here with this time period in the photo or go from the start?

I think I will do this blog from just before  the time I bought her till I said goodbye,  as there really is an awful lot for this  story.

I was divorced in 1995  and as part of the settlement of OUR THINGS   I had a choice to make.  Let’s see he had already just got rid of the truck he drove,  he actually gave it back to the bank with less than a year to pay on it.  He was drinking so heavy daily and I could not drive  TWO TRUCKS so he did what he did.  I insisted we split the days up with  him driving my rig(not this one) Monday,Wednesday and Friday which would leave me Tuesday and Thursday and most Saturdays.  At the time I was hauling rubbish back and forth from Roxbury,  MA to different landfills and trash to energy plants here in New England.

Things were getting worse living with him.  I never thought they could get any worse and there came a point when I had the police remove him from the home.  I had finally had too much.  Lost so much. I signed a restraining order  and told them he could come for the rig, with police.

It took a year before the final day in front of the judge.  All I wanted was the house, 4 dogs and my 68 Camaro and my Ford Pickup Truck.  He could take EVERYTHING ELSE!

In the time I sent him away,  I found a job driving for a local company.  I was now driving a Dump Truck.  Worked 10 hours a day and finally had a life but  not much money compared to owning my own rig but I was happy, really happy.  I actually looked forward to doing my hair and climbing into that Orange Mack daily.

When the judges final decree was sent he gave me everything I wanted. The house, dogs and vehicles.  Now how could I pay the house payment on a weekly paycheck, as an employee,  I really couldn’t.

My Dad knew I worked for a seasonal company so he gave me an old 1974  Mack to drive.  He paid for the registration and fuel and insurance and I paid him back weekly.   I worked that truck for probably 9  months and even put some cash away.  The Mack had a lot of issues being so old and finally she just could not go on the road anymore so if I was to truck I had to go shopping and quick!

I had a job to haul containers of beer from the pier in Boston or trailers from the rail yards in Alston.  I poured through books and found a place in CT that sold used trucks.  I saw the tractor in the photo above and thought she would be a good enough rig for me to begin again.  The man who owned the place was impressed with my knowledge of trucks see he threw questions at me to check, I was a female.  I had to prove to him I owed nobody anything after the divorce except my mortgage company and that the home was mine and not the ex-husbands.  So he put a paper plate on it and told me to take it up to NH and drive it haul a few loads and show it to my Dad to make sure it would be a good choice for me, and then bring him the decree so he could see what the judge had written.

I went straight to my parents home from CT which was just under 2 hours away and showed them what it looked like and then Dad hopped into the driver’s seat and off we went for a test drive  just as I had when I was 18 in a car he brought home for me.  He liked it and then we switched seats and I drove.  It was the first time I had ever taken my Dad with me in a rig, Mom had been several times but now it was time to show my Dad how over 2 mil. miles had made me into an awesome though fearless driver.  He loved the ride!   He said it looked like a solid truck for what I was hauling and that I drove it like a professional.   I could not be happier.  He asked if I needed any money and I told him no you see it was $1,000.00 down and a payment each month for 2 years and she would be mine.   That was 1996,  late in the year.

I hauled the beer and goods for maybe a year then I got antsy I wanted to haul the heavy loads again.  This truck did not have a double frame or a wet system.   I traded my Camaro for a Wet System which consisted of a pump and a tank which  held Hydraulic  fluid  and hoses and fittings.  This poor truck with her big Cummings Motor was going to set out to do the impossible,  just as it owner.

I hooked up with old friends and started hauling Bark  Mulch from a place in Maine all the way to Cape Cod and places in between.  I loved the work and the places they sent me as so many others would hit everything but the lottery in the customers yards that they started to request the Blonde Girl who was a great driver!  Everywhere I went I got smiles and waves from people.  See I was an oddity still and we were now in the late 90’s.

Bark Mulch was seasonal so I had to find steady work I had not only a home to pay for but a truck.  I hooked up with another friend in the rubbish business and started to haul four loads a day for him 6 days a week.   I now had Sunday’s to play with the dogs in the yard while the truck was washed and oiled changed for the next week of work.

I hauled garbage till it just became too expensive to keep tires on it with going in and out of a landfills  and hooked up with a Spring Water company.  It was now 1998 winter again and this would be my first experience hauling a tanker down off the top of a mountain with snow and ice.  I was scared,  very scared about stopping at that stop sin at the bottom, why do they do that anyway!

I worked that whole winter of 1998 and then in 1999 the real fun began.  I never got sleep I just napped in between loads. I hauled 3 to 4 loads of water, weighing out at 103,000 pounds back and forth to bottling companies, you see the country was getting ready for Y2K, which would happen  in the  year 2000, when the world would change as we knew it.  We hauled thousands of gallons of water,  as there were 10 other drivers doing the same thing for the company I worked for.  Stock piled water filled these places with fear about what would come of  the computers of our world and all the machines run by them.

As we all know we were really fine,  doom and gloom never came to be.  They would have a slow down in production so it was time for a much-needed vacation!

I parked this rig, tanker attached and locked up safe and sound and headed to FL where else would a girl go who loves the sea.  I took 3 dogs as one had passed away and the cat and boyfriend at the time and headed to his Aunts place for a little rest.  It was while I was there we decided it was where I wanted to be.  Get rid of the house go back home and get my rig and start a new life where things were no so hard on me or the equipment.  I could find work anywhere.  So we left the dogs and cat there with his Aunt and I was heartbroken as I headed north but I would be back in 2 weeks with everything I wanted to start all over again with.

We made it back  as planned I left the house for mortgage company to deal with as they refused to take the ex’s name off and set about finding my own place to call home.

So  I spent  most days in the beginning  when we got down to Florida getting caught up on sleep and sun tanning and playing with  my dogs, who were now 10.    I finally got the bug to really drive again so I hooked up with a company to haul empty cans to bottling companies along the east coast of Florida,  you see I loved the Gulf Coast .  My rig was getting a much deserved rest as well,  loads were so light I had to keep checking in the review mirrors  to make sure I still had the trailer hooked to it.   Life was GOOD,  it really was the best. I was so very happy, finally, the year was 2000.

Well around August I received mail from the company holding the loan on my home.  It seems they didn’t want it either and had given it to me free and clear only stipulation was I had to live in it.  I was shocked to say the least.  They asked me to go back to the home I loved so much in the woods of NH and lock the doors as I had left it cleaned out and spotless with doors unlocked for potential buyers.  Now what go back, start again I didn’t want to.  I liked it here in Florida  but some of my dogs were buried there,  it was home.  At this point I was tired of making decisions really on my own as the boyfriend at the time was younger than me and OK with me doing it all. Yes I am now sadly aware that was who I was and nothing to do with him.

I decided I would go home alone with him and the pets but no rig.  It was an old truck now,  pretty and in great shape but not for another season of hard,  nasty weather.  I placed a For Sale sign in the back window and within days a man approached me and asked if he could check it out which he did and bought it with CASH.   I had lots of money to pay his Aunt’s bills up to date, pay my brother cash I owed him  and fuel for the van and enough to live on upon getting back to NH where I would also have to put electric on, fill the propane and hook up TV and internet.

We packed everything back into a U Haul,  kissed everyone good-bye.

We were coming home.

I miss that truck and the freedom she gave me out on the roads but you see I finally get that there is more than one chapter in this woman’s life.

Time to LIVE IT!

the beginning and the middle will come with time STAY Tuned

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    1. Thanks not sure what to do about running out of room on blog delete some photos from media or start new blog 🙂 maybe if you pay you can do what you want I will have to ask others. Are you on my FB?

  1. Eunice-
    You need to just print this and send it to a bunch of publishing company’s with a cover letter, same for all company’s, that includes your blog address.
    I see the book and it is GOOD!!!!!

    1. Awe thanks Cindy for thinking and saying so XO

      I was fearful I had shared just a little too much 😦

      My life has has some of the most wonderful people places and things in t but then some of the most awful
      really guess so many of us have the same kinds of life and I never saw much point in sharing mine or photos I took who would want to see them 🙂


  2. Wow, here I am living on unemployment, but inspired and working to do a few things. You just took the bull by the horns and went for it. Way to go, girl! you got to see the land, travel and take photos. I like the saying “we can’t change the beginning of our story but we can change the ending. ” Here’s to the rest of the journey.”

    1. Thanks so much Jane. I live on $800 a month disability till I turn 62 so I do feel your pain. I have not been in a rig since I tried in 2005 to drive locally after the bus wreck in 2000 so much more story to tell in time 🙂

  3. Good for you to look forward to the various seasons of your life with much anticipation 😀 ENJOY! And, though seasons change, our memories nonetheless of good times will forever be imprinted on our hearts… no one can take that away from you, Eunice!

    1. Thanks Marisa I am glad my story didn’t bore you
      I will have to see where my next attempt should focus on 🙂

    1. Thanks Resa interesting is one word for it! lol It is fun to have that much horsepower 🙂

    1. 🙂 I was first born and only girl 🙂
      then when you are running away you tend to run very FAST 😦

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read something so long a post full of pretty photos is easier 🙂

  4. What an inspiring story! Have you ever thought about being a speaker for women issues?
    You have been through it and back; and survived with positivity. Beautiful; and thank you very much for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much. I was telling my boyfriend if I had Oprah’s money I could giver her a run for tell the story of ones life. Real and Raw. Don’t we all have those stories of hurt and pain heartache and joy. I have so much to share and never thought I would funny huh what am I afraid of I can drive a semi truck down any city street in America 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to read it I know it was LONG I need and editor 🙂

  5. Wow Eunice , what an interesting life you have led !! I am so glad you are sharing it with us, I enjoyed every word !! I feel like I have not lived much when I read stories like yours !! I am looking forward to you continuing the story.
    You are an amazing woman and inspiration, most women I have known, including me, would never have had the guts to drive a big rig like that !!
    Thanks for sharing, I am enjoying every single word !! I can’t wait to read more !!!
    Stephie, stephies beads and baubles

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by to ready my first real post on trucking it is hard to write through tears to be sure but I am hoping it will help some parts heal you are right I am blessed to have LIVED but this is how I was since I was very young always had to try something new even if Mom didn’t like it 🙂
      Thanks for you sweet comments maybe I will do a part every month or so I do not ever want to bore anyone 🙂

  6. Sorry I’m so late reading this post – what a hectic week, but well worth the wait. What an amazing story – all your own and I’m so glad you shared. I loved the last part: “I miss that truck and the freedom she gave me out on the roads but you see I finally get that there is more than one chapter in this woman’s life.”
    Love the hope and the optomism.
    And yes, I’m looking forward to the next installment. I shall now call you “Trucker-babe.”
    You are my hero.

    1. Susan thanks for taking the time to read I know it is long seems no part of my life is cut and dry 🙂
      Twists and Turns was a blog I made maybe 4 or 5 posts on now you know why I chose both Titles 🙂

      I really do not know where to go next a real tear jerker set this all in motion you got Hit by the Bus which was the end of Trucking then this part is saying goodbye to my rig to start all over again though the bus changed my course somehow I am so grateful I can home even with all the pain the things that have taken place tell me I had to be here and not running the road or I would never have what I do even though most days in pain broke I have more than many others strange very strange life it is 🙂

      Now I have all of you wishing me the best support comes from all walks of life as well as every corner of our globe.


      I know when you hear The Rest of the Story 🙂 be it here or in a book the hair on yours arms may tingle or you may get goose bumps but you will SMILE


      1. Ah, and from the ash rises the phoenix. Life is so wonderful and changeable and frustrating and sad and…. well. You get it. You’ve lived through it and I’m so glad you did.

    1. 🙂 others have had many different words for it 🙂 I like INTERESTING Thanks for taking the time to read I have to try to make posts SHORTER 🙂

  7. hats off to you for the struggle and immense effort, the trucking and a narrative that held me to the end. Look forward to next instalment

  8. Hi,Your story reads so much like mine! I’m just amazed. I was driving truck in the 90’s also and owned my rig and trailer. I hauled produce from West Coast back East. I miss that life so much sometimes. I had so many people telling me to write down my stories that I started a blog also! Loved reading yours! Good luck with your next installments. I’d love to read more. Thanks for a great story. Heather [ fringe was my handle 😉 ]

    1. Thanks will check out your blog and my handle when on the road was Hummingbird after my tattoo 🙂

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