These Pine Cones may with the help of water and wind start a new TREE

Every thing in nature catches my eye

Even these cones

They were attached to a tree along a pathway leading to the Sea in Maine

It was winter

We took a long ride to get out for exercise

I took the camera and he the detector

No matter how many rings and things he finds

I still say I came home with the best treasures


Him and THE DOG

OH and PHOTOS of course


On a Target! Metal Detecting



23 thoughts on “Seeds

    1. Thanks

      ¸.•*¨*•♪♫♫♪Merry Christmas to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥


  1. Love the treasures – your hubbie and your dog. That’s the greatest gift, isn’t it Eunice? Thanks so much for the kind words and words of encouragement. I guess I was feeling a bit blue yesterday – guess I’m feeling better as I hammered out 10 pages on my novel today. So nice to move ahead under my own steam (but thanks for letting me lean on you for a bit!)

    1. I am here anytime it is who I am 🙂

      You were too good for them can’t you self publish and sell through Amazon online SELF PROMOTE! Make a Facebook Page one you have them printed and get some interest going sadly I do not read anymore well except blogs and emails and the newspapers at times I am just too busy living and trying to heal and get back to the old me

      1. Thanks Eunice – you’re so amazing. As to the self-publishing, it costs money up front and I don’t feel i have enough of a platform to sell many copies. At this point, I’m still going the traditional route. Who knows tomorrow! keep healing – and for what it’s worth, I like this new you!

  2. Love that picture of the pine cones !!! Nice poem too , sounds like you had a nice day !! I love bringing home the treasure of a good picture !! My hubby and I love to go out on picture safaris and see what we can find, it is always so fun !!

    1. I guess I do it so I do not forget it is there and the beauty of the day we had not really sure why I have an obsession with just the overwhelming need to take the kind of photos I have my whole life and before the end of May this year NO ONE ever saw them 🙂 Film photos fill albums in a hope chest now I have a box of SD cards and Photos burned on discs 🙂
      Glad am not alone as it seems I have company like you who are also on the hunt! Enjoy your days outside they I find are the very BEST!

  3. I can almost “reach” through the picture and pick that pine cone! You are quite the photographer… how lucky am I to be the recipient?!

    1. Thanks Marisa I do adore Mother Nature and all she gives us if we just stop and look around 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for liking the photo I do adore the OUTSIDE more than the INSIDE 🙂
      Now for the words I never see what I write as anything close to poetry lol Words come so easily for me when telling a story short and sweet and to the point 🙂
      Thanks for LIKING BOTH Lindy

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