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Well for those of us here in America we had Thanksgiving on Thursday then left overs over and over so if I am

going to have a good weigh-in come Tuesday 🙂 this will be what my meals will look like.  Not such a bad deal

but I can only eat lettuce just so much.  I better be good if I want to get back to that “ABOUT” photo of ME


Thanks for humoring me




28 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Feasts

    1. SURE! I also wear a tool on my hip and PLUG into computer daily and they clock my EVERY MOVEMENT sit,stand,walk,climb etc. BIG BROTHER lol

    1. no I did 3 days of tradition now the diet starts in earnest once again! 🙂

    1. 🙂 I was good I really was but then I had 2 Sam Adams tasty winter specials Choc. Beer who knew then more turkey sounded delish I should have just had a 3rd beer but wait I don’t drink but did you hear me they make Chocolate Beer over at Sam Adams lol

    1. Most inspiring blog last one I did I think sorry I have listed almost 50 bloggers today alone 😦

      1. mmmm I was talking about the food ..he he. It looks yummy. We don’t do thanks giving here in OZ so we miss out on all those calories. lol 🙂 Lorelle

      2. 🙂 OMG did we have many calories to choose from 🙂
        I ate too many veggies and turkey but no desserts so I have been good. sort of.


      3. Great justification but you know if there is any fruit in the desert that makes it healthy as well. So Apple pie is good….right ?? lol ha ha 🙂 I know I’m being naughty 🙂

      4. That is what I say about sweet breads made with Zucchini 🙂

        Somehow banana I had this morning before going to walk the beach I bet it is better for me than Banana Cream Pie 🙂

        I love Sweet Potatoes and Brussels Sprouts thankfully

      5. Aaah you rock !! Good on you. I should do the same. Since I started studying I’ve put on so much weight. Not doing much physically but a heap mentally is really bad for you I think. 🙂

      6. Yes it is horrible for us I am now down over 65 pounds put on due to lack of activity with pain and sadness to boot. I am getting myself healthy as I signed up for a 10 day Silent Retreat at a Meditation Center no paper,pens, books or Camera NO DOG 😦
        Just me in loose clothes eyes closed going inward to rid myself of all that holds me back which is me that is not till March so I will be doing it for my birthday I have so many stories to write 🙂 I must learn to write them and save to let them post while I am away so no one forgets me 🙂

      7. Don’t worry you won’t be forgotten. Gonna be hard with no books no camera or dog that will test you…I know it would me. They are my constant companions 🙂

      8. yes she is always with me but I have so much pain to get past it is said to make you whole again though most say it is crazy to meditate for 10 days but there are some who do 20 and 45 days Like the Monks

      9. Yes long story this life I have lived but all for a reason and I am so blessed just have to see why it is that I am 😦
        Thanks so much

    1. yes I must calculate to stay on track guess I should have shown the food scale but what is here in photo comes to 5 pts and I have 30 for the day 🙂

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