Riding Through NH and VT

It was a beautiful morning when we woke cold and frosty as you would think NH would be on Thanksgiving morning but roads were clear up through our White Mountains.  As we reached the border area of VT where Moore Dam sits the fog stated to rise as the sun warmed the air over the lake so pretty wish I was not on a mission and could have stayed to watch it to completion as it was the most beautiful of days with friends in their kitchen and yard talking and sharing a meal while giving thanks for what we have.


Thanksgiving Morning
93 North on Thanksgiving Morning


Thanksgiving Morning
State Forest



Thanksgiving Morning
Trees are no longer covered with beautiful leaves

I was thankful for the fact there was NO SNOW there


Cannon Mountain
Just a trace amount



Moore Dam
Fog Rising




Moore Dam
Thanksgiving Morning Along Moore Dam



Almost There







Border Collie Tex
Like his daughter he greets us with a STICK


I will share more photos as the day go on you know me I always take too many and ADD TOO MANY to a post


Home you all had a wonderful time in the States over a nice meal with family and friends

We did









26 thoughts on “Riding Through NH and VT

  1. Lovely journey through your part of the country with the fog and the dog looks ready for some fun.So I just realized that Thanksgiving was on Thursday, do you celebrate all weekend, seeing as that is when people can get together with their family and friends?

    1. Actually no it is usually a one day deal unless you don’t work in retail stores as it is now Black Friday a day to start Christmas Shopping and Tomorrow is small business Saturday 🙂 So eating is Done on Thanksgiving and Shopping is done on the following Friday through Sunday in hopes of wrapping up holiday gift buying lol

      Thanks for commenting on the ride,photos and yes these Border Collie dogs are always ready for some serious toss and catch


      1. And you know I have not been a super shopper for some time but I notice that we in Canada are celebrating Black Friday too. I used to think that was in the border towns because people would cross over the border for the deals but now it is practised anywhere-any excuse.i guess it is a way to work off the turkey.:)

    1. Thanks he is the best! He had not seen us for a long time but knew us and his little girl straight away 🙂

      What a beautiful ride we did over 300 miles to share thanksgiving 🙂

  2. Looks good. You have our Black Friday, (seriously bad name but I get it) and we in Aus have our Boxing Day sales. I have never been to one and probably never will.

    1. lol we have friends in NZ and I was looking to see what day Thanksgiving fell on and forgot I was looking at calender they sent and it WASN’T ON IT! lol

    1. You can come back for a VISIT ANYTIME sorry I should have added A WARNING 🙂 I hope you had a wonderful holiday out there

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