Having Fun

Ok I made up some more beads and baked them up now while pies bake tomorrow I will wet sand and make them into some pretty pieces to wear.



Polymer Beads
Baking Polymer Clay Beads




polymer clay beads




different mix



Now all I need to do is use 600 grit wet sandpaper and  a machine to buff them up add wire or jump rings,  then ear wires.


29 thoughts on “Having Fun

  1. I love the black and white ones with the swirly patterns – very elegant.

    BTW have you ever made beads with rose petals? I once knew someone who did that. They weren’t very pretty but they smelt nice!

    1. No I haven’t never seen any either 😦

      Thanks these will look different when sanded and polished I am sure updates later 🙂

      1. Ok, I’ve never heard of that. Another way if you are making beads with holes all the way through is to balance a skewer on blobs of clay and have the beads in the middle, or lay them in folded paper…

      2. Yes I have mandrels to place them on even but so far with small batches I just throw them into the cornstarch 🙂 I saw where we could do it your way too 🙂

    1. Sure I will get them into completed pieces and take a few shots for you to compare 🙂 thanks for liking them I am waiting to use a friends pasta machine but have to wait till the 1st of Dec. to see her. So I had these three colors opened and conditioned so I could work with them so I started playing around only took one class so now I will play for awhile can hardly wait to use some different colors 🙂

  2. Very pretty !! Those are all so nice !! I have a plastic shoe box full of polymer clay and I really want to work with it, but have been a bit intimidated !! I will definately get it out and play !! Do you use your kitchen oven, or a toaster oven ? The clay is supposed to be non toxic but I have read to not use the kitchen oven, any advice ? I have been making jewelry for over 20 years, but this is a completely new venture for me !!!

    1. New for me too 🙂

      I use a toaster oven I got at a yard sale for $5 and then test your temps with another temp gauge for inside.
      Polymer is dangerous if it is allowed to burn and you should never use it in something you will then cook food in but if you want to use a oven my teacher said to place in a pan(CLAY use after ONLY place your pieces in cornstarch and cover with alum. foil She has a convection oven in school just for clay use 🙂

      If you buy a pasta machine to condition clay never use with food either

      I am using a roller till my friend gives me hers 🙂
      I made some of those pieces for her in a barter 🙂

      Have fun use light colored first then dark also as it stays on your skin and will mess up light colors

      I think alcohol will clean up your hands I scrub with soap and brush after I am all done 🙂

      Take it out and play and show me what you come up with

      1. Hi Eunice,
        Thanks so much for all the advice !! I never thought about what colors I use first, thanks !! I I did remember the not using whatever touches for food, so I will make sure to only use for clay. I do have a toaster oven my mom gave me years ago, will use that, but did not know to use a second temp gauge inside, I will take your advice and pick one up !! I plan on getting a pasta machine with a half price coupon at michaels, will never use with food !! I do have some tools I bought a few years ago when I was going to do the clay, but our daughter and her family moved in for three years and I never really did anything with it.
        I love your blog and enjoy reading your posts, thanks for the advice and inspiration !! I can’t wait to play with my clay next week !!! It is fun to meet someone else who likes to write, take pictures and make jewelry !! I My husband and I also do some stained glass, he does most of it, but I help with the copper foil, have wanted to get a kiln and play, one day I will !! Another thing put on hold for three years as his studio in our house became our grandsons room, his glass and tools are still packed up , probably until we buy another house next year !!
        I will share my first beads with you, I did put some pictures of some other stuff I did probably seven or eight months ago, my only attemps in the last few years, on my blog. stephiesbeadsandbaubles.com
        happy Thanksgiving !!!

      2. Awesome yes it is nice to meet other with the same passion for color and joy.

        I will go back into the blog and check out your pieces 🙂

        I am still dragging my feet but am getting better at getting into my new lfe 12 years of Paind and BS is more than enough

        Time to create 🙂

        Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as well Steph!


    1. Thanks I am just taking care of all my rss feeds and heading into shower then in PJ’s will start to wet sand then and add items to spruce them up
      Then bed happy and up early to head your way 🙂

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