Good Morning

Just want to pop in before the week gets crazy for all of you baking and cooking up a storm or running off to catch a plane.  I wanted to thank each and every one of you for following and or liking my space here with you.  This is a  wonderful time of the year. A time to give THANKS for all we have.  Times are really tough not only here in the US but sadly around this world.  I pray daily for this world to live in Peace and Harmony.

I hope you will make memories here in the states with your family and friends.  That you travel safely to and from your homes.

You see it  is coming upon the day my life changed with one rear-end collision.

I had spent Thanksgiving at my parents home with my brother and his family also attending.  We left early as I had to drive a dump truck the following day/  A girl has to work you know.  So I did I trucked probably 13 loads that day for the boss and then met up with my boyfriend at the time and his boss.  They asked if I wanted to go to the Casino.  I really did not want to go I had been driving all day in heavy equipment which can beat you up pretty badly.  Seems they had discussed going for a few hours long before I showed up.  Men!  Well neither of them had rights to drive a car so in the end I said I would go for a few hours, two-hour trip down maybe five hours there figuring that would be enough time for them to lose all their cash, me I love games of chance but work so hard for my money and am so responsible that I take just $50.  This night we left at 8:00 PM from his boss’s home and headed south to CT.  We were going to Foxwoods.    We made good time as there really was no traffic due to it being a holiday weekend.  I went in with them and watched for a little while then I placed $20 into a One Armed Bandit machine,  SLOTS  I like the lights flashing and the sounds that come from them but not how they suck you into feeding them more and more hard-earned money.  So I played that $20 for all she was worth till it was gone then told the men I was going to get some sleep out in our conversion van.  I slept till his boss who was also tired wanted in to sleep as well.  I fell back to sleep till about 4 AM and wanted to head north so I went in search of the boyfriend.  I found him glued to a Poker Machine and I said we wanted to head home.  He answered “but I’m up $500!”  I laughed and said “good as we could use the extra cash for heating and Christmas”.  Not happy but not having a license he had no choice but to cash out and make his way with me home.  The dogs would need to go out by the time we got back.  We had 3 of them.

Now we are all in the van and getting ready to leave the parking area and I  make plans to go to the coffee shop a DD at the next light.  While sitting in our new van at a Red light we were rear-ended by a Casino Tour Bus doing 35 mph or more.  I went unconscious upon impact his boss’s eardrum blew as he was laying down on back bench seat and boyfriend was pinned for a moment in the passenger side.  No air bags deployed who knew they did not when you are hit from behind.  Every seat that was being used by us snapped upon impact.  No none of us had seat belts on as we were just going into a local coffee shop for a cup for the ride home.  I would have broken left leg and two thigh bones had I k=not been thrown to the rear of the van.  My left calf is still HUGE after 12 years.  Knee is still torn to pieces not to say a thing about my back.  The two of them who stayed in their seats healed over time but I am left with injuries and memories of a night just the day after showing many thanks.

It was 4 years later the doctors sat me down and said I would probably never drive a Big Rig again and on my Birthday.  Such a very sad day for me. I tear up still with just going back to that day.


So now 12 years later I am alive and very thankful to be. So many things in my life would be so different had that accident not occurred I know that now but it was still a long 12 years.

So really pay attention while out there not only to your driving but put down the phone and pay attention my parents almost lost me that day and it was the bus driver on the phone.


No pretty photo for this post as there really was none.

I have made up for it this past 6 months with all of you.  Thanks for being there when I needed you the most.



27 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Eunice, this is such a heart wrenching story, and shows how lives can radically change in seconds. You have much to be thankful for and your message is to savor every minute of life – even when life takes unexpected devastating turns. Thanks so much for sharing this.

    1. It has been on my mind as yet another blessed Thanksgiving is upon us. Thanks Donna for reading and stay safe we all have something to share I am just not used to it


  2. Eunice, God has given you much to be thankful for (as He has us all) and He certainly has blessed us with your sweet spirit… YOU are needed here! May your Thanksgiving be memorable and restful… take the time to relish in the simple pleasures all around you 😀

    1. Thanks so much Marisa I feel the same way about all of you in this tight knit community.
      I will travel a roadway on Thanksgiving with many cars and Moose and Deer and I shall watch EVERYTHING lol

      I used to go 100 mph daily in life and this stopped me dead in my tracks but I feel I am slowly coming back to a perfect speed 🙂

      I am blessed to be sure

      Thanks for stopping by even when I didn’t have a pretty photo to share 🙂


    1. Linda I swear I hat the day they allowed them as well 😦
      He was not from our country driving a commercial bus with 52 souls on board from NYC none on bus were hurt thankfully just the 3 of us.

      I have so many stories to tell all of them hard but I now know I am here for a reason in case I had forgotten along the way.


    1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and you family out there in the hollow
      and I you

  3. Oh Eunice, such a sad story. I’m just so glad you’re okay now, and happy too, with a lovely home, a dog, a partner, and doing beautiful creative work with beads. And I’m so glad you have this place where we can meet and chat – your cheerful optimism does me good! You are so right – we must all be grateful for every minute of life and health and happiness. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and keep safe and be happy! Hugs! 😀

    1. Big long Hug back to you as well Cathy I know I am blessed for all I have I am thankful each day I wake to see the beauty as you do all around us.

      I still miss my old life terribly and wonder if the reason I cram so much into my life is to block the pain of what once was but you know what I really had 1/10 of what I have now before the wreck honestly it was a home with no love ok maybe just for my dogs but not me. I am going to have to tell stories filled with joy and that is so easy now that I have found you and the others this writing and letting go may actually work 🙂

      Love to you way over there my friend

  4. Hello Eunice. You are such a character, and a brave one at that. Thank goodness you survived that terrible ordeal. I think we all feel that mobile phones are deplorable and should not be allowed while driving,they have caused so much pain and suffering. You are a shining example to us all in coping with life. Take care and enjoy every moment in what you do especially your beadwork which is outstanding. Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family too Rita

      Thanks for your kind words and you know I appreciate each and every day I just have to learn to pace myself 🙂


  5. What an incredible life changing story Eunice. At first I was woo hoo ! A woman who can drive a truck, but when i read on, I can feel your pain and dismay at the hand you were dealt. It seems you have done a wonderful job making lemonade out of lemons and may this Thanksgiving be far more rewarding. Emily aka Bella

    1. Emily thanks so much xo It is much better with all I fill my plate with but man you just can not understand how much fun it was to drive that 22 wheeler aound the city streets of Boston lol
      I went from earning 100,000.00 a year plus to now living on $800 a month but the house I paid for so I will not be out on the street another blessing they are all there for me to be thankful for I just have to remember to look for them!

    1. Thank You far from my normal post but truly my world 🙂

      Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as well

  6. so amazing you shared and I’m so glad you did. I can’t believe how one minute can change so much. Sorry, truly, to learn of your accident – I don’t even want to imagine how hard a healing that would’ve been. So. Here you are today. Spreading joy and beauty with your lovely words and photos. Look at you, Eunice, rising above calamity. What a strong, strong woman you are and an inspiration.
    My hugs to you.

    1. You know I felt that hug come through your words I thought I was done but no I am getting better better late than NEVER lol so much to be truly grateful for and now the tears can stop as I have wild things on the horizon I will share as well and more stories as most people who meet me never want to leave when we start TALKING 🙂

      Hug for you too

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