Another View of Rye Harbor

Lobster Boats


Brrr it was so cold this morning but my other half asked me to wake him by 5:00 AM so he could head over this way.  He wanted to metal detect during low tide.  I know I should have gone, if for no other reason than to watch the sunrise and get a few photos to share.  I was warm and toasty and looking forward to some coffee, which I would have to pass on since there are no public bathrooms open in this area at this time of the year.  Silly really when you see the amounts of residents and tourists that walk our shores each and every day. Snow, rain or sleet looks the same as a warm spring day. They flock here by the droves.  Rye is loved by dog owners as well as surfers.  See both are allowed here.


I see where the Northwest will get snow and rains, CA too.  Wy and ID will receive snow, just what they are looking forward to in Jackson Hole as their mountains are getting ready to open up their lifts.  We have mountains open for snowboarding and skiing over here in the Northeast as it has been so cold they have been putting down a nice base.  They say by Thursday, Thanksgiving, it will be BEAUTIFUL!  At our home it will be in the 50’s,  though we will share our meals where our pup JT was born, so it may be only in the 40’s there but that is still OK by me,  any day I do not have to shovel my way out the door is a Good Day!  Texas will enjoy temps in the 80’s oh how I wish I was in the BIG D!  I really must get into this winter mindset or I will never leave the house.  When JT and I went out to fill the feeders,  for our feathered friends,  she must have loved the icy frost on the pads of her paws  as she ran to her basketball and wanted us to have a game!  I was just in slippers and a nice warm robe so you know I said “Latter JT” and headed to the door!  We have a huge basket of nice clean as well as warm toys just inside the door for her to play with.



Have a great day or night everyone


20 thoughts on “Another View of Rye Harbor

    1. lol I know I usually do not write STUFF just usally sharing photos lol cold must have got to me. Stay safe out there in your beautiful state

  1. We’re so envious of your metal-detecting. It’s the dream of my husband Clive to do it, but he’s unable to stand for more than about 2 minutes. Mind you, I’m not sure Italy is the best place for it. Before his disability set in, we did do a bit on an Italian beach and came up with zip. I don’t think the men put coins in their pockets and the ladies wear special beach garb which could account for no earrings etc. The only thing we ever found was a 10 lire coin – negligibly small amount – buried in our own yard.

    1. I know your mans pain I had the nerves in my back burned off that is the short and sweet of it t is called Radio Frequency Lesioning (SPELLING?) allows me to stand and walk longer o I can once again LIVE still in pain but not what it was now the other half he can not stand in place or back and leg get real bad so slowly he walks and swings today a HUGE mans High School rign Gold with an Amber stone with 1974 being the year this man got out of high school same year I did! 🙂 You should do a grid in the yard/woods have him sit and watch you do 3 foot areas back and forth real slow with coil close to the ground your country is so much older than ours 🙂 He go a Gold Claddah pin today and earring and lots of change it is his exercise as he has diabetes 😦

      1. Thank you for your answer. I’m afraid the treatment you mention didn’t work for him. Also I’m not a lot better off healthwise than he is because of a severe scoliosis. I just stood up to play my violin (which I do badly, but better standing than sitting) and I can’t shake off the pain, although walking along isn’t so bad. Your finds are inspirational. It sounds like we haven’t tried, but we have in the past, loads, and our detector is a good one. Either Italians are way too careful 😦 or we never found the right place to do it.

    1. 🙂 lol I know right! Only if I have two cups of coffee and I want two a day 🙂 I can go catch sunrise and a 3 miles slow walk with JT then leave him detecting the beach and her and I can go grab a coffee and sit and watch the sea pull out 🙂 Thanks yes this is a pretty spot I did a post on this under boating when I came around the bend all the sailboats were tipped over in the boat yard so this day it was Beautiful 🙂

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