Weeping Willow Pieces

We have so much work to do here in the lower yard, along the stream.  I hope we can get it taken care of before the snow stops us in our tracks.  We have to haul the pieces he cut for me to use as a place to step upon in the garden path areas, I think I want them to stay natural but not sure what kinds of bugs they will draw to the garden, not that the birds won’t love them.  Here is how many he got ready for me with just two of the trees limbs.


Wooden Slabs For The Garden


The ones close to the entrance the Beavers made, will be burned as they have dried out too much.


We have had one fire to get rid of all the small pieces  now to burn the chunks, on a calm evening.  I would have loved to do it tonight with the shooting stars above but I am very tired and do not feel like watching a fire in the cold, all night, even with the pretty stars above.


Don’t forget to LOOK UP

10 thoughts on “Weeping Willow Pieces

    1. Yes pacing myself as best as I can with no snow forcast get er done! So I can make pretty things 🙂

  1. I know this’ll fall on deaf ears, you being one of them pragmatic, stoic New Englandahs… but try to take it easy, Eunice!

    See, I knew you weren’t listening…

    1. LOL I am going to be fine now that photos of damage are safely on my SD card and a PUBLIC BLOG now time to get on with JOY Filled Days! I made a lot of Black and White warrings today can’t wait to BAKE THEM! Wet Sand them to a pretty shine too. A friend will give me her pasta machine and I will adorn her ears 🙂

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