Beautiful November Day in Rye NH

Rye NH
November and boats still in the water in Rye NH


I couldn’t wait to share this beautiful day with each of you, as it is mid November and days such as this one will be far and few between.

I took it last week as we went to walk and metal detect the local beach, this time north of us. We have only 18 miles of coastline in NH and for the most part we do have access to our shore.

We have rocky areas but here and there we have sandy beaches to walk, suntan on, even fly kites.

In this stretch we have an Ice Cream stand, boatyard and a state park or two.  It is not built up with lots of businesses or homes though some of the homes along 1A are gorgeous there are still some built very modestly.  They are down to earth people who enjoy the shore on a bright warm summer day or in the middle of a nor’easter.  We really are hardy souls up this way.

This was November, Veterans Day and it was 70 degrees F.  Wow what a gift for those who are not looking forward to many months of cold and snow, me being one of them.  I will walk the beach this winter but I will bundle up and not stay out there too long, as JT doesn’t wear boats.

I will always have the camera with me but you knew that. I will try to show you another season of NH life.  You have seen all my pretty spring flowers, summer beach scenes and of course the fall color we are known for but winter in NH you will just have to see .

We are here for the FOUR SEASONS after all, me on the other hand wish I headed south with my Hummingbirds.


Peace and Love





29 thoughts on “Beautiful November Day in Rye NH

  1. If it wasn’t for the temperature , or the lack o flowers nobody would have believed it is winter approaching rapidly now , thanks for sharing your coastline

      1. I know you do and each day it will get better but it does hurt like hell with out your parents I can’t lie it does

  2. Great photo! I consider myself extremely fortunate to live on a peninsula – I don’t think I’d ever be able to survive without having the ocean practically on my doorstep. Can’t wait to see more of New Hampshire in the winter months, even though I agree – I’m not a fan of the cold, either!

    1. Yes it is so nice along the shore even in dead of winter I can still walk at low tide )

  3. Ah, I love your pic – love and miss the beach. Do you live near Hampton Beach, Eunice? We used to go there once a year when I was a kid. I know it was touristy – but still so beautiful. Hope you are well – nice post!

    1. Thanks Susan
      Yes 15 in. drive from our doorstep to the sea
      Hampton is so different now I will have to show you
      well so many of my ocean scenes are of there 🙂

    1. Thanks I tried to find snow to share on my way to and from VT yesterday but it was so beautiful and in the 50’s we were blessed to be sure PHOTOS LATER 🙂

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