The Cutest Thing Caught My Eye

After working so hard on Willow I needed Yoga yesterday badly and decided to take the back roads home which only add one more mile to the trip.  You have seen my back road photos of this area if you follow my blog.  I remember when they brought the first 2 in and how beautiful they were.  I seem to adore cows.  Yesterday I saw the cutest thing, I had to stop and take a few photos to share with you.





One last shot of what had me smiling and made me pull over and shoot through the passenger side window


I needed a happy moment and as I turned the bend there it was.


44 thoughts on “The Cutest Thing Caught My Eye

    1. I am blessed for it seems to happen so often for me wish I had looked in the rear view mirror 12 years ago to see the PICTURE of a Tour BUS lol then again I would not have met you all and never would have taken the photos I share here with all of you I guess I am on my true path even if I went kicking and screaming 🙂
      Thanks for taking the time to comment I am glad so many saw how cute this Highland looked with it’s Hay Hat 🙂

    1. Thanks for seeing the joy I did yes the baby was the reason I shot photo out the window as I did not want to rile them up I just wanted to blend in from the street 🙂

    1. I knew it was a silly post but I have so enjoyed watching this retired teachers farm grow from what it was and I do love her Highlands 🙂 Yes Grass Hats seem to be all the RAGE 🙂

      Thanks for commenting now I do not feel so silly lol I shall take the close-up photo and frame it for the owner it is the least I can do for all the time I spend coveting her animals

  1. Lovely photos and definitely not a silly post. And I have quite a few pictures of cows, some of which are not nearly as endearing as these.

    1. Thanks Pat! You just never know what I see through these eyes on a daily basis I was just coming home from Yoga after a horrible night of pain yes I am on a MISSION and decided to spend 5 min longer on drive home and when our dog is with me I always roll down the window for her to smell all the farm animals she loves it but I was alone and for some reason looked over and there was a photo just waiting to be taken I will print and mount it for the owner who has no idea how much I adore her herd 🙂

  2. I love cows too – more than horses which I can find a bit intimidating. I love the way they look at you, and the way they lick up their nostrils… These are beauties.

    1. Thanks! I love how beautiful cows eyes are so soulful 🙂

      I only like Wild Horses as they were meant to be 🙂

      I will take photos of them but not many I feel the urge to PET

      I see myself owning one of their babies first a fence all around property would have to go up then again JT the border collie could keep it where it belongs lol

    1. Grass Skirts caught on lol

      This re-tired teacher now has a HUGE Group of them so I can see them anytime I take the back way home 🙂

      1. what’s not to love? It should, in fact, appear on my news feed on facebook – say, if you should post the last photo so I could see it there???? Hint, hint… my kids think I’m nuts, but the baby elephant on the beach and another friends pics of baby hedgehogs… well, guess I’m a sucker for things “too cute.”

      2. I will try to do that when I am on laptop where I have the photos remind me in case I have a BLONDE MOMENT 🙂 I will be making a lot of earring to sell for the holiday shoppers

    1. THEY ARE BIG BEASTS but so curly and wonderful looking makes me want to lay beside the little one and comb it as I do my dog and cat can you imagine how good that would feel to an animal that is never touch softly by a human


  3. That is, indeed, the cutest thing! Donald Trump’s hair doesn’t have anything on this guy – this guy wears it well. So glad to have “met” you by way of Virginia Views.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and Thanks to Virginia Views 🙂

      You just know this one enjoyed their meal!


    1. LOL you made me laugh!

      I absolutely adore this group even thinking of buying one of their babies and making it a pet 🙂 Love their eyes all cows actually 🙂

      Sorry you were having a bad hair day 🙂

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