Weeping Willow

She really is weeping as her days are now numbered.  The Beavers started to attack her bark and left plenty of gashes to tell me they were going to finish her off.  This tress was a small beauty when I mover her in 1988 here it is 2012 and will be gone if our bodies hold up, by 2013.  I really need to be the one to take her down if left to the beavers it may take out the bedroom and us if we are in the bed.  We do not have thousands to pay a tree company so we will do it a little at a time.  I felt like we won in a way because one section they were gnawing on is now down, they will know I have had enough.  I know they have to survive as well but our loss of a home or possible life or that of pets we love will have us working hard to take it down safely.  I will use the willow pieces as stepping-stones in the yard, well till they become one with the landscape once again.  She did her best to suck up flood waters over and over and though she looks gnarly and battered for all the storms she withstood  her insides were beautifully healthy.  The squirrels have lived up in the nook for years as winter approaches I do not know where they will go but sadly it is out of our hands she has to go on our terms to keep our home safe from ruin.  There will be more grass to mow  but I will plant a new Willow in her place and wrap her tender bark with metal fencing then a pretty fence for the outside world to see and I will fill it with plants and flowers the wildlife will love for cover and food, it is the best I can do.


Damage a Beaver does

Looks like he was leaving me a NOTE




beaver damage
Port of Entry




weeping willow
No longer Healthy


cleaning up the smaller pieces


First huge limb down and being cut up


Now for thinner slices to reuse as stepping-stones in the garden area

That will have to wait as we are so sore from all we did yesterday.

I will miss her when she is gone I hate killing trees Beaver well now




Joy of having your own HOMESTEAD and I thought Sunday’s were a day to REST!


I am happy to report no Beavers were killed yesterday while we were ready for them but we did have visitors 6 of them and they could not be happier with the river lower than it was and all the bugs they were finding.


Mallards are not DESTRUCTIVE just Pretty













32 thoughts on “Weeping Willow

  1. Oh, this is so sad it almost brings me to tears. The weeping willow has always been my favorite tree. In fact I did a post about one in town. They are so very lovely. I do understand your concern for home and hearth though and your plans for recycling and blending into the landscape are wonderful. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. I love weeping willows. That’s very sad, but I’m glad you’ve decided to plant a new one. Willow wood is also lovely as garden decoration.

    1. I shall have twin ones down below in lower yard and Pampas Grass all along the rivers edge and I will plant things for the birds to enjoy



  3. willow’s pretty hard to cut, isn’t it? Twisted and tough yet breaks in wind. They are my favorite tree – love this post – it’s a wonderful tribute to your beloved willow – had to laugh when I saw the pic of your “tools”! Good you’re planting another one, Eunice, love the free flowing verse and the emotion you captured in word and photo.

    1. Thanks Susan. Yes with all the rains and flooding this tree has endured the inside of the tree is beautiful would have lived on for many years well till they started removing her bark 😦 Yes both tools loaded up,oiled too and I know how to use both too lol with rabid skunks,fox,and coons in the area also too many coyote it is never a boring place stop by if you are ever in my area 🙂 I am right off 101 on the opposite side from Keene 🙂
      I love Willows maybe I will plant two down there to really suck up the water 🙂 metal fencing is ready for a spring purchase 🙂

      1. We’ve got way too many coyotes too! Creepy little things – hate it when one of them sounds and they pack up for a kill. Can’t tell you how many nights of wrecked sleep I endured this summe. Thanks for the invite – I’ll let you know – gotta get some traveling down that way maybe come spring! My best to you- Sue

      2. OK I plan on being here 🙂 How far up in VT are you? We go to southern section, up to Quchee and mostly towards Saint Johnsbury/Concord area

      3. this reply might be a bit out of order – but it was the only button I could find! I’m just outside of Burlington but up in the mountains. Probably over an hour from St. J. A few hours from Queeche…

  4. I’m so sorry about your beautiful tree but it’s always like that, round and round, the old (or the established) giving way to the new. It’s rather the opposite here: a willow tree (not weeping) has grown from absolutely nothing to a huge tree in 5 years. I had no idea it would get so big and it ruined all my plans for that part of the garden. I had designs to cut it down at one point but Clive said he didn’t like felling mature trees and he was quite right so there it stands.

    1. 🙂 Yes you are right life then death and if yours took root there you are blessed I will have to pruce a new one small yes but healthy with NO GNAW MARKS or animals growing inside of it. You are right they are fast growers thankfully. They come and drop other trees on the home and chew apart my Forsythias as well. Mostly just to damn river and flood us out 🙂 I am ready if he doesn’t want to go back and live at the Beaver Pond which is HUGE lol

  5. I am sad to see your tree come down. I am surprised the beaver clan was not waiting patiently for the cut wood. I like how you told the whole story too, the trail the beavers took to your property.

    1. 🙂 well worn major highway I want to live with all wildlife but the chance we will get hurt or killed is where I had to draw the line. I bet they were doing the back stroke watching from river last night as we unwound beside the fires when it got too dark to shoot I went in to shower and get warm . I went to bed soon after but was up all night with bad leg pain did too much on what should have been a day of rest lol but we have rain coming and cold temps as well so we had to start the job then. Wednesday we will take another branch he can reach had we cut it that night it would haved crashed onto our fire pit 😦 man all this work we did not need bad enough he has been going down stream to put holes in their dams to get water out of our yard while the state empties a hole end of a local lake into our yard It never used to be like this and sadly I do not see anything changing with the wild weather our country seems to be having 😦

      Thanks for stopping by and reading my story I appreciate you taking the time to comment it is nice to know some people do know what I am dealing with 🙂

      1. I really enjoyed this post. The story was complete with murder and mayhem, beaver style. I do know it was a lot of work though. I work with a tree grower and never have to worry about planting or removing trees. I get free labor and am very lucky for my friend’s services.

      2. OH you are we are both with permanant back issues and my shoulder and neck not too good so stay healthy in case you must go to BATTLE lol I am glad you enjoyed it 🙂

    1. Thanks and I will be damned if they use the wood to flood this place so I will make beautiful stepping stones and fix their butts lol they have a huge forest on the other side of the river where NO ONE LIVES guess they just like my trees better 😦

      1. Yes they are 65 pounders who do not take kindly to us keeping the tree plus we work in yard with one as coyotes and rabid animals do not care that we are weeding and minding our own business 😦

    1. Exactly! This is now my mission Lindy take her down and replace her with twin willows to blow with the winds that come up from the south on a warm summer night . Chicken wire then pretty fencing with lots of blooms and me sitting on the hill with a 22 lol pretty picture I know 😦

  6. Hi,
    I want to nominate your site for a Beautiful Blogger Award. The rules will be on my wordpress post. I hope you will agree and put the icon on your site.

  7. Eunice we have the same problem with possums – though they don’t eat the trees, just scratch the dickens out of them sometimes. Perhaps some heavy plastic around the base? That’s what we do to try and deter them.
    I am glad though that no animals were killed during the writing of this documentary/post 🙂

    1. 🙂 Thanks and I am not saying they are safe in this yard I am angry but trying to deal reasonably with THEM LARGE RATS Plastic never thought of that but I have 2 rolls of wire to protect living thins I adore 🙂 oh and of course the gun only if dog can’t chase them or me yelling at them doesn’t persuade them to take ANOTHER ROUTE! 🙂

    1. Mine too 😦
      I love trees check out my posts under Fall Color when you have time 🙂

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