Friday’s Jewelry Work


Here are a few photos




These are made from glass,  I fuse in a kiln then drill then embellish and add earwires and get them ready for sales.  3 of these already have a new home she will have her pick since she placed a special order for her Christmas list




Now here are a few more Polymer Clay Beads I did






Thanks for stopping by to check them out


I need to get busy making lots of different kinds for the Holiday season.

I also need to place more of my photos on Zazzle for those shoppers looking for my prints on cards, stamps and even T-shirts


I am still learning so nothing is PERFECT but I am OK with that and prices reflect that compaired to masters prices

24 thoughts on “Friday’s Jewelry Work

    1. Thanks Cindy isn’t the glass pretty 🙂 she ordered 3 pairs in greens but sadly between 1200 and 1500 degrees they took on other colors 😦 she still bought them and liked them 🙂

    1. Thanks I sold 3 today for $15 each and she will send them to people for Christmas I hope they like them 🙂 I really do not like drilling Dicrohic glass as black background can be seen so I added the wire distraction 🙂

    1. Thanks so much 3 found new homes this afternoon 🙂 $15 each and she loved them for her friends on her Christmas list 🙂

    1. Thanks so much and yes I took a class a week or so ago to learn how to work with Polymer Clay and I also work with glass and a kiln to make different types of Jewelry check out my blog posts under Jewelry/For Sale section

      1. All it takes is CASH lol and I used to have that now to make a bunch of different kinds and find people to buy them so I could buy more supplies 🙂

        Look at local schools for classes or an artist near you willing to take on a student 🙂 Can’t hurt to ASK


      2. You are very welcome if you lived in NH you could come stop in and play with glass 🙂

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