Before Sandy Arrives

Flooding before Sandy
2 days before Sandy brings her rains




Beavers Enter Here
Beavers Enter Here



Land is saturated
Still in the yard 2 days before “Sandy”



Beavers trying to take my 30+yr old Willow




Big Willow
Can it be saved?




Pulling Dam Down Below Here
He went by boat




Reflections of Trees









18 thoughts on “Before Sandy Arrives

    1. Thanks Cindy. We will do all we can today then wait and see what it is we actually get. He needs to go pull more out to make way for 3 to 10 more inches of rain 😦

  1. Lovely photos. Hope the “after” photos are not too bad. Must be scary knowing such a big storm is on its way. Thinking of you!

    1. Thanks Cathy light was not so good when I took most shots as he headed down stream really too late to work on dams.

      I worry with all the huge storms we get that some may become complacent with what they are projecting this one to do. It is a situation that if all things come together at the same time there will be so much loss but so many storms have hung a right hook and went out to sea that many will not be prepared.
      It is warm here for October so heat off will not bother too many people. Store shelves will be out of Milk,Water and Bread We will fill containers and pans with water for us and the pets put fresh batteries in the radio and make sure the cat stays in dog is always beside us. 🙂 I think I had all the real scary trees removed 2 years ago and gardens have been put to bed. I worry for my family as their yards are not so taken care of 😦 Trees with leaves are vulnerable to 60+MPH winds for the most part ours have fallen and have been raked lol no that was silly but I dropped another 2.5 pounds 🙂 good exercise.
      I will let you know how we fair. Today both batteries will be charged for camera and the cell phones it is all we can do, sadly the rest is clearly out of our hands. I hate the fact doctor did not cancel my procedure at 8 AM tomorrow 😦 so now I will have to be out in it and leave my home boyfriend and dog will take me but still no reason they should not have canceled 😦 I tried and they said too important to put it off oh well 🙂

      Some wind will arrive tonight but worst will be Monday and Tuesday (US) I will let you know thanks for writing

  2. My very best wishes to you. I’ll be thinking of you.

    Those beavers are something else. The hares here are bad enough, but they’re eating the bark, not trying to fell the tree.

    1. lol thanks so much 🙂

      I try to live as one with all beasts but willow sucks up so much water I really need it down there any help with water levels rising is good 🙂

    1. Thanks! Once I get home from Hospital in AM I have a photo shoot to do at 7 PM hope the winds are not over 40 mph 🙂

    1. Thanks Marisa HUGs!

      I fear US needs to bow their heads together and join in as one, this world of ours in of kilter to be certain 😦


    1. Thank You and Thanks again
      🙂 to you and the others who are keeping us in their thoughts.
      I may go missing but as soon as I can post you know I will.

    1. We did and are now BACK live power just came on 🙂 OUR YARD is PERFECT and for that we are grateful Thank you

    1. Yes we took our babies in and battened down the hatches and stored all that would FLY it came in the dark of night and I slept good 🙂 woke at 4 AM to the most gorgeous warm weather, no winds and no rain still no power but next to my the OLD Cemetery was still a glow with it’s Lit Street Lamp 🙂 no rhyme nor reason for how they run electric wires 🙂

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