Many Find Peace Here

Atlantic Ocean

I love Sunrises and Sunsets the start of a new day and the end of one even if the day did not go so well the sky is lit up and allows me to find peace.

Peace Within

I have been on a  journey looking for peace and happiness.  Each day I get more of the old me back.  Each day I laugh and smile more.

Things like the two photos shown above have been out there in the world for a very long time it seems I am just more open to see them.

I love that this shows I have turned a corner.  I am here now not back then. I am finally LIVING.

22 thoughts on “Many Find Peace Here

    1. Finally, wait till you READ THE BOOK 🙂

      I have been cleaning this old place of mine I should be painting the front of the house but been so much rain I feel like waiting till spring now 60’s day time and 20’s and 30’s at night not sure if paint would sink into wood as good (F)at these temps I will see once Hurricane Sandy has gone on by if we miss all that rain maybe I will try but for now it is out with the OLD! I need to get focused on getting more photos into my online store too. Guess I have been trying to do so much after all the time I couldn’t. 🙂

      1. Thanks
        :)With the weight loss and heart healing taking place seems I have this urge to PURGE lol

    1. Me the Water Sign of Pisces will be sitting as well, dreaming of a world in which PEACE ABOUNDS

    1. Thanks never thought I would do the later 🙂 for that matter never thought I would actually see the light at the end of that long,long tunnel but I do see it clearly and for that I am grateful it seems to come across in photos and words who knew 🙂 I was so busy burying myself in work inside the rig I never knew I had stopped really living I guess I should thank the bad driver who changed my course for the BEST I never would have met you or the other wonderful people who come see what I am up too 🙂
      Thanks Sue

      1. I never realized before this summer, when I began blogging, how much I’d chosen to live in a vaccum – insulating myself, protecting myself from the painful junk that’s out there. It was with great trepidation that I launched myself into cyber space and I’m so very glad I did. Here I am, saying hello to a neighbor, loving her photos and her wonderful posts… I, too, am so glad we met…
        take care and peace-

      2. I also am glad to have met you next time I am in your area I will let you know so I can give you a HUG 🙂 We have wonderful people who follow us 🙂 Thankfully

  1. I miss living near the sea. I used to live on the coast and would be able to go and watch the sunrise and sunset if I needed some peace. Now I’m in the middle of a city and I can’t even easily reach the countryside.

    1. I would truly go insane without touching nature daily I am blessed though I love NYC and Boston I also love the highway that brings me north to home 🙂

      Well click on my Ocean tab any time you need to feel the sea I will be adding photos all winter of the ocean my favorite time actually no bugs or people just us hearty New England folk that need the sea

  2. So glad you’re enjoying your here and now… many of us are so wrapped up in the heartaches of the past, or the anticipation of the future that we forget this present moment is our gift to savor.

    1. Boy was I stuck right where you said THE PAST! lol so much time waisted, not doing that anymore 🙂

      Thanks so much for stopping to say HI and reminding me to LIVE


      1. I never thought I could ever teach anyone anything but being where I have been and all I have learned I think you may be right 😦 just wish I had not wasted so much of my life no longer though thanks for your kind words 🙂

    1. Yes 15 min. is perfect drive and come summer we go at 3 or 4 am and 10 pm to treasure hunt and run the dog 🙂

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