Before and After “Dam Work”

Lower Yard
Yard Washing Away

Around noon today, water still coming in  so it is time to go see WHY

Chest High

Just before we get to the other side where we hear water running this stuff is full of Deer Ticks even after a hard frost.






The Newest Dam









Backed Up




1 Hour Later





Hoping the rest is gone by morning

Since people no longer wear fur the trappers have been scarce and these animals are out of control damming all the local rivers and streams we all had 4 feet of water in our homes and one house was actually not saved as the owners sold out while they could still get enough to have a newer home high and dry and not anywhere near WATER!  Had they just paid attention and went out when they saw trouble brewing they never would have lost their dream home to the DAMN BEAVERS!

6 thoughts on “Before and After “Dam Work”

    1. I mean business! Now to find an attorney to stop all the BS in the first place I have to many injuries to be fighting Beavers or City Hall 🙂 I am just supposed to take pretty photos and make pretty jewelry 🙂

    1. we are on top of it so hopefully we can release more tomorrow 🙂 Thanks I will turn to the newspapers or news if it starts to get out of hand 🙂

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