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20 thoughts on “Country Roads

      1. I used to truck in FL from Gulf Coast(Tampa) to all ports on the Atlantic Ocean side 🙂 I love Palms and we can only have them outside here during summer 🙂 I will swap a Red Maple with you 🙂 Rain now man we are getting so much 😦 wish I could ship it west I LOVE THE SUN!

      2. I was so bad when I used to travel across TX Man I really do get worried about them and they were in the roadway trying to stay warm 😦 18 wheelers are hard to whip around 🙂
        I saw on TV they are getting HUGE down the Everglades I was there 2 Easters ago standing and taking photos of Gators and birds never really paying attention man I have to pay attention 🙂

  1. Looks like the view from out my window, Eunice. Seems like November gray has already begun. Love your pictures, such stories they tell. You are a wonderful, gifted artist.

    1. We do have so many things in common from VT,NH,ME and even western parts of MA to be sure we are blessed They say 70’s today I have a Pumpkin Stroll here in our town for the children to stop at each of our tables I am with the Gardn Club so we will have plants and Raffle items to raise money for our club which I am now the secretary of.
      I would rather just be the clubs PHOTOGRAPHER and not deal with all that goes on in any group I am used to being alone in my rig 🙂

      1. Isn’t that amazing – it seems like you’ve always been an artist! I can’t imagine better story telling just through the lens of your camera. You’ve caught the beauty, the ruggedness and the sweet world we call home. Yeah for you!

      2. Thanks so much Sue I really appreciate you saying that though I have always been told I have lived a VERY COLORFUL LIFE lol from racing cars and rigs, to Scouting and Rainbow Girls, to a young girl who pumped gas sort of dressed like Ellie May 🙂 to running a semi truck that was so beautiful up and down the mean streets of Boston and Roxbury and making so many friends along the way and that I am afraid is just the tip of who I guess I am 🙂

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