River Up Again

Draining as it is OCT.

4 thoughts on “River Up Again

    1. Actually I have been up since 3 AM with torrential rains 😦
      Earthquake a few days ago now more rain which we do not need as well. Really if all I had to do was deal with Mother Nature and all she throws at us 🙂 and them BEAVERS we would have it a lot better this Lake Association who dumps millions of gallons of water into this tiny stream are the ones to blame for the damage of my land as well as others sadly.when the rivers freeze here we start our spring rain season in a scary situation we had two bridges wash out 2’s and we had no way out and no electricity for almost a week
      Thankfully when I have power I do not have to look outside I can come to wordpress and pick pretty places to read about 🙂 Like yours

      1. 🙂 it will not rain for the rest of this weekend now Sat. morning 8:40 AM they predict temps in the 70’s(F) I hope enough is going downstream to make the trees and brush move out of the way so this tiny stream can go back with in her banks 🙂

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