Rock & Tree Joined for Life

Rock & Tree Become One








Up and Over



Up and Over and Down and Around



Woods behind the house
Boulder Split Apart By Tree


Sorry I could not show this tree in a different way but it was so strong I had to try to share with you.  Do you come

across things like this when you go for walks in the wood?





13 thoughts on “Rock & Tree Joined for Life

    1. Thanks I am glad you got to see what it was I was trying to get across in photos in person it inspired me to keep trying 🙂

  1. This is amazing – nature is amazing! I once came across a tree that had grown very straight, but twisted like a rope all the way to the top. Sadly didn’t get a photo!

    1. Wow that must have been awesome to see! Wish you had taken a photo now that we have this great place to SHARE 🙂

      The best part is it is in a place just behind my barn and I have been going by it for years and never SAW shows you where my head has been for years 😦


    1. Susan Thanks so MUCH!!! When I come in I will go check it out time to feed composter with leaves and plant so pretty plants 🙂 Enjoy your day and again thank you

    1. It is amazing right
      There all along just never had my eyes open as they are today

    1. Thanks I have before as well just never knew this was behind my home after all these years 🙂

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