Fall Decorations I See

Some people pull out all the stops when it comes to celebrating Halloween

You already know it is my favorite holiday

This small town in Maine seemed to have so many places  decked out in their finest to go along with the beautiful foliage

Being in my towns garden club I hope we can do this kind of thing around town to get people to slow down and enjoy life

Saturday night we will have a Pumpkin Stroll in town and our club will look for new members and pick the winners

of our raffle prizes.  Hope I win the TV!  We need members and town support to get all we want done around town   DONE!

There were so many decorations and so rainy the small camera was not great at capturing it all perfectly but this post is

about  celebrating Autumn and Halloween

11 thoughts on “Fall Decorations I See

    1. I never thought much about Orange and Reds and Yellows till trees burst forth with fall color but you are right Orange is lovely 🙂 I am glad you enjoyed my post full of PUMPKINS 🙂
      I was always just into Blues since working with glass and beads I have search out of my comfort box or I have grown in ways I thought I never would 🙂 you have left me with something to ponder today THANKS! It will help me keep focused on raking up all that Brown matter once the pretty leaves have died for yet another year 🙂

      1. Me too I spent 5 hrs cleaning them up and placing them under all my flowering bushes 🙂 The ones I do today will go into composter for new garden soil for spring 🙂

  1. Wonderful photos – what an artist you are! I love coming here – love the saturated colors. As state-sisters, we know what’s coming, don’t we? But then, I’ll be enjoying your photos of snow in all its glory!

    1. Bless you lol you didn’t know I buried my head in a pillow all winter lol 🙂

      I love taking photos out in it to b sure I just hate the though of so many days of hibernation 🙂

      We are lucky being on blogs we can check out people on the other side of the world having SUMMER while we sit in front of the fire 🙂

      Thanks for your wonderful comments never took a class in this and use a very inexpensive camera someday I will put myself first and get a better one 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! I hope our small garden club can put heads together and do something lovely in our town so out of staters stop and take photos as I did lol

    2. Thanks it was so bad weather wise and Witch was after dusk and I was too far away to make it crisp 🙂 so thanks

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