Yanking Dams AGAIN

Rivers Rising


Spring fed




Headed to another dam






They put up gates to keep people out!                                            Signs, Signs Everywhere a Sign








Dressed in Yellow


We busted Beaver Dams The State busted 100 year old dam MR.Folsom built


Well  more and more of our yard was being taken way by the river rising so we set out today to see if we could do anything.

We found two spots slowing water badly and flooding whole area.  So we took a piece of one dam out to drop water quickly.

We had lots of rain soon to arrive and they are getting ready to drop the levels of the lake behind us for winter.  So we are

under the gun just to stop from being flooded out.  Chainsaw is next, as we are serious.  So we will tie ourselves off to

keep from being washed downstream.


See you soon














14 thoughts on “Yanking Dams AGAIN

    1. We will 🙂 Thanks I must post photo of our yard 😦 there is now a log jam further down slowing it enough that what was wonderful is now under water 😦 Weigh in soon so can’t do anything till after

  1. What beautiful scenery. I particularly like your ‘Rivers rising’ photo. It’s magical (and menacing at the same time).

    1. 🙂 oh thanks and it really is

      Sadly it is now into my yard 😦 we did a good job punching a hole in to release some in one spot but a large one looms downstream just blown down trees slowing it enough that with heavy rains and releasing of lake it will destroy all I pay taxes on 😦

    1. I am torn I makes for a beautiful frame for sure but it is when I have to say goodbye to the most amazing three seans here in New England I have had so many injuries that winter is hard to get through so I will focus on the beauty of winter this year and hopefully not have to shovel so much 🙂

      Thanks for letting me know you enjoy the photos check out my post Want to go for a ride for more amazing color


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