Maples Make the Difference










Come see us NEXT FALL!

15 thoughts on “Maples Make the Difference

  1. Stunning fall colours and very well photographed. The leaves have not turned as much in the UK yet but when they do I’ll post some shots. Regards SN

    1. ME TOO! I think VT plants some each year just to out do us! lol I never got to VT this year but it must have been AMAZING as well we are lucky to call this area home I say that but I dread winter 😦

    1. 🙂 We have rain and thankfully not so much wind

      My Ruggosa Rose is still blooming but sadly the frost killed just about everything else.

    1. Thanks so much for commenting I found this in the unread pile not sure if I did reply before but if not Thanks so much for LIKING THEM 🙂

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