Walk….. part 2



Oak,White Pine,Birch ,Sumac,Conifers all grow here


Fall in NH
Color Here Too


Pretty Ones


Clear Cut Area




Maples Here and There as well


Oak Trees
Large Meaty Acorns


Sun Coming Through


Leads Home














18 thoughts on “Walk….. part 2

    1. Thank You

      Go a few posts ago like last day of Sept or 1st of Oct to see more NH Color 🙂

    2. The ones here in these shots can’t begin to tell the story of Fall in NH in 2012 🙂
      Thanks for checking it out

    1. Love when I do not hurt so bad that I can 🙂 so yes AMAZING
      to be surrounded by so many living things not angry with each other 🙂


    1. 🙂 More Oaks and Pines in some shots so now and again a green and yellow or Yellow and Red Maple would appear oh and Sumac

      We will have rain now for 4 days on and off rive is in yard already so we must hunt for the reason even if by canoe 🙂

      No wind so maybe trees will hold on to their leaves though we had heavy frost Friday into Sat morning and now temps will rise to 60F and hang around there Sat. AM it was 20F and everything not covered was killed 😦

      I do get a lot of beach and beading time in now and if no heavy snow lots more walks in the woods as all the bugs are gone 🙂


    1. In this rain today I see many Oak leaves adrift 🙂

      My camera hates the rain so if the sun comes as they promise I will be off to the coastline to see what is going on there
      Thank you as well


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