Asia on the Brink of a New Missile Crisis

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Voice of Russia
October 9, 2012

Asia on the brink of a new missile crisis
Vladimir Fiodorov


By provoking a new missiles race on the Korean Peninsula, the United States is clearly playing for high stakes. By allowing Seoul to increase the range of its missiles, they made another anti-Chinese move, as the new South Korean missiles are able to reach central areas of China.

[This] is another step on the way of founding the Eastern US ABM defense system. The North Korean missile threat is only an excuse for its creation. First of all, it is aimed at deterring and nulling Chinese missile potential.


Asia is on the brink of a new nuclear crisis. North Korea has warned its potential enemies that in case of aggression they would not be able to escape from its strategic missiles. Their cruising radius includes not only South Korea and American…

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