Colored Flower

Colored by me and Picasa


Bored and playing around tonight

Have a great night

16 thoughts on “Colored Flower

    1. Thanks I was just playing with photos lol I am glad you liked it check out other flower posts under that Heading

    1. I love your posts it is the beader in me lol and your work 🙂 We all need to know that when someone sees something they like it is nice to say so 🙂 I am not into numbers never even look so I was shocked to see today was a BIG day for my posting lol When I have time I go back to ones I love and read and read and oh and ah 🙂 You are very welcome

      1. you are the sweetest!I I am new to the whole blogging thing , to be honest I don’t even know what I am really doing and sometimes think that no one really sees my blog so I really appreciate your support!and thanks to you i had a best blog day too!! take care of yourself and keep beading when you have the time!!!

      2. OMG we were on a roll then 🙂

        I will be making simple earrings for a store a friend works at they get 50% and want to sell cheap so I shall look for Pretty Cheap Components 🙂

        LOVE BEADING I used to crochet in my rig while waiting for loads can you imagine me now selling earrings to men in truck stops lol

        Have a great day!

        I started in the end of May or Early June 🙂

    2. I shall also go buy some Lacy Stiff Stuff and use one of my cabs with dicrohic glass to make something pretty 🙂 like yours

    1. Thank you so much She was always this pretty but when I took all the color away it really made a HUGE difference in finished look


    1. OH thanks for checking it and and thanks for you kind words I have so many photos to add but I have too much fun gabbing with all of you 🙂


    1. Thanks so much I was messing around on Picasa and figured out how to just put color back in o the head of the sunflower 🙂

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