Reader Appreciation Award from ramblingsfromamum THANKS SO MUCH!

 ramblingsfromamum has nominated me for the Reader Appreciation award and I want to thank her very much for thinking I was worthy the share with all who follow her. XO Eunice


Now I have stopped doing these though they always feel wonderful when others say something nice about you doesn’t it.


So how do I pick so few of you to share with EVERYONE else?  With over 400 who stop in to see my posts how can I pick just 7,12,13 or 40 like I did once.  I have so many OLD Friends here and wonderful NEW ones

Can you see the ones who LIKE ME?

Can you click on a radon face on one of my posts and check them out?

Can you let me know what you enjoy that I may not already know and I can make up a list for those who need more to read.


I started in May I think, and have been given most of the awards you are all too kind.  I went from spending a 1/2 hr with morning coffee with you all to an hour in AM and depending on weather and pain I can easily spend that come evening with you all here or on Facebook  even personal emails.  Man did I miss a lot while on the road for all those years well maybe not you all were not blogging for 30+ years right?


I have answered these questions and many like them so I will ask you to click on my AWARDS or ABOUT PAGE to see what I am really like 🙂


Again thanks to  ramblingsfromamum for this award though sadly I can not go by the rules how do I choose but please really click on a friendly Avatar and CHECK THEM OUT you will love my followers as you are ONE OF THEM 🙂

Peace and Love