Let’s Take A Long Sunday Drive



Let me take you along my favorite stretch of roadway and you will see NH all decked out  in her finest!

One section is 32 miles with NO GAS.  It’s OK, I promise not to run out.


White Mountain National Forest





White Mountain National Forest




Look at those COLORS just up ahead.




I want to show you  something that makes NH special

Covered Bridge #29

We are spoiled by  so many of these bridges,  throughout our state.

Let’s check out the river, I did tell you before that there is GOLD here.

GOLD Laden River





OK Jump back in let’s check out a few more spots of color.










Let’s keep our eyes open,  MOOSE ARE HUGE!




Let’s pull off and check out the lake

Beaver Lake as the fog lifts






Fall Color around the Lake















Isn’t it Beautiful here?

Maples Rock










OK time to grab a coffee and sit by the river.  I hope you liked the ride.  This year has

been spectacular to say the least and we still have 1/2 the state yet to hit PEAK COLOR.





Thanks again for coming along on and should you ever decide to visit NH at this beautiful time of the year always check the State of NH website for update on where and when the fall color should be at her best.  Make sure your camera has fresh batteries.

57 thoughts on “Let’s Take A Long Sunday Drive

    1. Still learning how to pick from hundreds and not bore with too many lol glad you enjoyed the fall color as much as I do

    1. I swear long long ago Mamples were disbursed throughout New England jst for that reason lol but Maple Syrup is so tasty that more and more Maples are plated lol for me it’s a win win and I adore all the way America changes as seasons change but I really only like 3 out of 4 of our seasons 🙂 VA Beach is one of our favorite placs to drive 12 hrs to get away from SNOW lol

  1. Very beautiful! I was in rural NJ last year and got to see the leaves change. Coming from the High Desert in So Cal we don’t get to see this beauty. Thanks for sharing!

    1. OH Nancy I have like a month before all leave around here are BROWN and on the ground lol Isn’t our country so beautiful I LOVE THE US

    1. Thanks so much xo So hard for me to pick from all I took lol
      We are spoiled for sure

    1. Thanks I had to go for a ride I was so cold and wet needed to dry out I took too many photos at 40 MPH though 😦 naughty girl lol

  2. Wow! Wonderful! Thanks for taking me along with you on your drive Eunice! Really enjoyed it! Now I’ll scroll back up for the return journey! (Love that bridge – why is it covered?)

    1. It is covered as we are known to get tremendous amounts of SNOW and in New England not just any Bridge will do lol I am glad you enjoyed the ride it could have last the hours it really took with the amount of photos I took lol Hope for a trip tomorrow to Sunshine and Colorful leaves for another trip get ready I will pick you up soon lol

    1. lol Thanks so much can you imagine them in a bright sunny location 🙂 That will be tomorrows adventure a day trip to lakes with lots of color for further POSTS 🙂

  3. Absolutely gorgeous, hon. You are a wonderful photographer with a great “eye” for beauty, especially in the simple, natural things.!! We get a little color down here in GA, but certainly not like NH …

    1. Thanks! Enjoy your fall and all the fun things you do in your neck of the woods. We have lots of activity around Apples and Leaves oh an Halloween in these parts lol

  4. Wow! Love the photographs! These are the kinds of things I want to see on my weekend away this weekend 🙂 Thanks for the hope!

    1. Thanks we love all we have in NH I must do more shots and share with you all 🙂

  5. Great series of shots! Glad to see another photographer not afraid of a little rain. The colors were really popping last weekend weren’t they. I’m heading back again this Sunday for more!!

    1. I will hit some place Friday night and Sat. I have a Garden Club Yard Sale on Sunday maybe I will try photos of random FACES I never seem to want to pry but with zoom maybe I can do it on the sly 🙂

      Color should be filling the Lake Region just hope rains do not put a damper on the leaves hold too soon I saw a bunch falling towards Deerfield today 😦
      Enjoy your time and stay safe

      1. I’ll be at Apple Harvest Day in Dover on Saturday, hopefully selling a few images. Then Sunday it’ll be up to the Whites again. After that, since I live in the Lakes Region, I’ll be staying closer to home for the local color. Then it’s stick season, blah! After the color is gone I almost don’t even want to pick up the camera until it snows.

      2. Well I hate snow so I hit the beaches for sunrise and rising moons Seals Eagles Wildlife in general never showed my photos to strangers before kind of FUN lol

      3. I have a love-hate relationship with snow. It is beautiful to photograph, but as an auto mechanic in my “real” life, there is nothing worse than working under drippy, messy cars for 3 days after a snow storm.

        Sharing your images is rather addicting isn’t it. My goal is to some day hang up the wrenches and earn my paycheck with my camera, but all the positive feedback I receive on my blog and on my Facebook fan page really keeps me motivated to get out there and make new photographs! 😀

      4. Yes well I never thought I would ever do anything like this that is for sure.

        Keep enjoying the places you go and the people you meet we can not spread enough good vibes


      5. Well I hate snow so I hit the beaches for sunrise and rising moons Seals Eagles Wildlife in general never showed my photos to strangers before kind of FUN lol

        When you took the photo of your daughter taking photos for me the best part was she was capturing WAVES and all we see to focus on is that damn Nubble Light lol

      6. That’s right! I love it when her and I go for hikes together, then sit down to see what she shot. She has a great eye, and sees things I completely miss. The whole time we were at Nubble, I don’t think she pointed her iPhone at it once. 🙂

  6. These are so beautiful! I am from Maine but have not seen the fall there in many years. The White Mountains used to be a favorite destination for our family outtings. In summer we would swim at the gorge there. Thanks for reviving some great memories!

    1. Anytime! Just tell me what you love and MISS and I am sure I have something on the subject lol

      We hang out in the rivers or Maine,NH and VT and ALL BEACHES and my batteries are always charged 🙂

  7. Loved this Sunday trip with you. Was in your beautiful state in the fall of ’99–my 1st trip after my retirement. Teaching school hinders one from fall travel, but New England leaves were at the top of the list. These great photos bring back so many memories. Thanks for the trip!

    1. AWE thanks so much. I am so glad you got the time then to see them this year was amazing! ZGlad you liked the RIDE along with me and the Dog 🙂 lol

    1. Thanks so much I am glad you had the time to take the ride and see OUR COLOR

  8. Hi Eunice, checking through your blogs came across this beautiful post. I felt as if I was with you on this journey Photo’s spectacular and colours supreme. Thanks for sharing your journeys. Im coming back for more.

    1. Rita I am glad you enjoyed the ride with me 🙂
      Soon I will have tons of spring blossoms to share

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