Heating Up

Let me show you really what a day in my world is like when I am not sharing photos with you all that is lol



























Now to get busy making things for holiday shoppers









19 thoughts on “Heating Up

    1. Thanks so much! After I take my tiny little scraps and place on my solid base and heat in kiln till 1300-to 1500 degress I love peeking in and watching the molten glass regain her colors then I shut it down and let her do a slow anneal but I never plan anything maybe I should if you all just love it so much when I WING IT! lol

      Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed the photos and your love of glass as well

    1. Thanks Cathy they are just tiny scraps and when they are made into a 4×4 ” square you never know after 1400 degrees what they will look like 🙂 I love SURPRISES!

  1. I’m impressed with your jewellery. Wonderful colours. They cheered me up! If you do decide to become serious about making these pieces, I think you will be a great success. Supernova.

    1. That is me sadly in a nutshell!

      Since loosing ability to drive the big rigs for awhile now I have just not had the regiment nor focus in my life as I used too no longer in a tailspin either but just living and lovin the life I have left 🙂

      I am trying to use ALL the colors honestly but keep coming back to the pile of scrap and Frit 🙂

      Thanks so much for the time you have spent on my posts still a strange world for me to see others LIKE something I place here never mind actually take the time for a comment


      1. no I sell my pieces like this for like $15 to $20 US but Kiln and glass and elec. add up but most people want them for free or $5 🙂 So I seldom sell any lol

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