Trippin on the Color

We loaded early for our get-a-way .

We were up against the weather.

The forecast called for heavy rain

all weekend long but the color will

not wait on a sunny day.  We headed

north the quickest route.  We got

there before the pouring rain.  The tent

went up and now it was really wet.

Then we set up the shelter over our table.

The dog was disgusted we had no time to play.

We raced like crazy to try to keep every thing

dry as we could.  It was a horrible weekend to

camp but our friends also were gluten for this

as well so with laughter and Rum we set about

having some fun.  The fire pit was loaded with wood

and when it was roaring and throwing off heat

meals were made, drinks mixed and chatter began.

We talked till we were so tired we had to say goodnight

though it was already morning.  We never saw the

Full Harvest Moon actually we did not see much being

fogged in as we were.

They found gold.

I took the dog out for a ride to find some color of our own.

Here are a few to show you what we saw and I will share more

after I warm up and sleep in my own bed.

Can’t wait to see what you have all done while I was away.


RTE 112

More shots to come after much  needed REST!

13 thoughts on “Trippin on the Color

  1. There are very few things as naturally beautiful as the leaves changing their color. Autumn is a feast for the eyes.

    1. OMG I just wish I could show how beautiful it is this year. People I know laugh at me always being sucked into the mountains to catch the same beauty year after year but I swear each year they are so different and man this year is amazing had it not been for the FOG and Rain but I do have some pretty ones ready for another post or two lol Thanks Kitt for knowing just exactly how I felt

  2. Amazing… The natural sceneries of the mountains. You know whenever some one asks me- where would I like to live- Mountain or sea?- My answer is always a mountainous region where you can yourself see the nature showing its true colors day after day.

    1. I am ruled by the Sea but the mountain draws me to her at least 10 times a years and always when she puts her prettiest colored leaves on I am glad you liked the photos so far more to come 🙂

      1. Looking forward to viewing more of them… Well, the photographas are very clear with no disturbances, which camera do you use(if you don’t mind me asking)?

    1. 🙂 I know right it is what 8:30 eastern time and I am off to bed to get more rest 🙂 Thanks for your comments glad you are enjoying them

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