1. I love your articles about gold prospecting. I would be especially interested in the gems (I used to go hunting for carnelians etc on beaches). Do you have any photos of garnets you’ve found or any other gemstones?

    1. I may have some and yes I am the Rock Hound lol of our team of 3 lol he the GOLD her the Border Collie a toy or stick for Mommy (Me) to throw for her and he always tells me the ones I gather are LEAVERITE’s Leave them right there! I will be off to Main a lot soon for Watermelon Tourmaline I have some interesting things I have collected I shall set about taking photos and doing a post on them so you too can see lol I am always on the shore but do not know the kind you spoke of I must check my book! I am so busy finding sea glass to use in jewelry as well as shells for my bathroom not that it needs anymore 🙂 Thanks and I am glad you enjoy my silly stories about what brings us joy and rest for these weary wrecked bones 🙂

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