Headed North Soon

Headed Up


I hear there will be rain all around

I sure hope the clouds part by Sat. night

There will be a beautiful sight to behold

A Full Harvest Moon

So special drinks will be mixed and we will sit around

with friends and unwind.   I hope you

all have a wonderful night and enjoy  the Moon




16 thoughts on “Headed North Soon

      1. Hi Eunice,

        I am in the Seattle area, where nights are cool, and days are in the high 60s up to the mid 70s. Perfect weather for a person like me, who wilts in the heats.

        I hope your weekend is a good one, too.

        Best wishes,

    1. You too the colors out our window tell me it will be nothing short of spectacular Rain and all! 🙂 Have to stay POSITIVE in this crazy world we live in or sit at home and cry 🙂 I did that not so good lol

      Make some fun time for you!


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